Daniel Craig Furious Over Tom Hardy Taking Over A James Bond?

Daniel Craig replaced Pierce Brosnan in 2006 for the iconic role of James Bond. The recently released No Time To Die was Craig’s final role for the critically acclaimed series. A year ago, one tabloid suggested Craig was thrown into a rage by the idea of Tom Hardy as the next James Bond. Now, Gossip Cop is looking back to see how much truth there was to the narrative. 

Daniel Craig ‘Isn’t Happy’ About The Next James Bond?

A year ago, OK! alleged Daniel Craig wasn’t “happy about the rumors that Tom Hardy” would replace his role as James Bond. According to a source close to the situation, Craig felt the decision to give Hardy the part was “premature,” as No Time To Die hadn’t even come out yet. “It’s tacky and underhanded for Tom’s people to be leaking this news like he’s got the job,” the unnamed insider added. 

However, the magazine didn’t think Hardy was a shoo-in for the role, as there was “serious competition from other Brits.” Also, the source claimed Craig could “change his mind about reprising the role.” With all the uncertainty about who would be named the next James Bond, the source said Hardy “shouldn’t assume that Daniel is out of the picture.” 

Is Daniel Craig Holding Onto The James Bond Role?

So was any part of this narrative presented by OK! actually true? When it first came out, Gossip Cop didn’t believe this story at all. Today, nothing has changed. Craig has been very open about No Time To Die being the last time he’d be part of the series. “When you’re in it, you’re in it, and that’s the thing,” Craig explained about the all-or-nothing nature of the Bond role. When asked about his decision to leave the series, Craig said, “There are other things that are more important.” 

Also, the claim that Craig had some bad blood towards Hardy was completely fabricated. The two co-starred in the movie Layer Cake, so it doesn’t really seem like they’d suddenly hate each other. The producers have not named a successor to Craig and likely won’t for some time.

The Bogus Reports From This Tabloid 

If you need another reason to discredit the story about Craig and Hardy, just take a look at OK!’s shaky history of celebrity news. For example, the tabloid once alleged Courtney Cox and Johnny McDaid “put their overseas romance on pause” because of the pandemic. While it was true the Friends star and her boyfriend had to endure a long-distance relationship, the story was utterly false about them breaking up. 


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