Danielle Busby BLASTED For Shunning MiMi Following DUI Arrest

OutDaughtered fans were a bit surprised to see Danielle Busby’s mother MiMi (Michelle Theriot) on episodes of last season following her DUI arrest. But, there is a significant gap in the timeline between when things air and reality. So, it is possible grandma MiMi had not been arrested yet when the episodes of OutDaughtered featuring her were filmed.

What OutDaughtered fans have noticed his Danielle Busby and her husband Adam have shunned MiMi completely from social media following her DUI arrest. As we previously reported, her Instagram account was taken down shortly after news of her arrest broke.


Michelle “Mimi” Theriot/Youtube

Now, Danielle and Adam Busby didn’t do anything as extreme as going back through their old photos and removing anything featuring grandma MiMi. But, they do appear to have shunned her a bit when it comes to including her in the posting of anything new.

OutDaughtered fans have begun to notice and vocalize their dislike of MiMi being excluded from what fans see on social media. In fact, Danielle Busby got blasted in a recent posting of her mom bash following her children’s back-to-school bash. Some fans took issue of Danielle’s mother not being included in the mom bash. Was Danielle Busby shunning her own mother because of her DUI arrest?

Outdaughtered Danielle Busby - Michelle "Mimi" Theriot/Youtube
Outdaughtered Danielle Busby – Michelle “Mimi” Theriot/Youtube

MiMi (Michelle Theriot) got a slap on the wrist, no jail time

Back in April of this year, OutDaughtered fans finally got an update regarding grandma MiMi’s DUI bust. Did she do jail time? As we previously reported, the TLC grandmother got a slap on the wrist. She was able to avoid jail time. But, there were conditions she had to follow. Here’s a snippet of what we previously reported:

For starters, she must complete 24 hours of community service. She will also have to participate in a DWI education program. Grandma MiMi is not allowed to consume any controlled substances or alcohol while she is part of the program.”

As long as MiMi followed the rules and guidelines put in place by her one-year diversion program… She wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail.

Outdaughtered Mimi Theriot

OutDaughtered fans recently blasted Danielle Busby for shunning her mother

Danielle Busby took to Instagram less than 24 hours ago, to announce that back-to-school was a great thing for her and all of her friends. So, they enjoyed a bit of their own back-to-school bash. Some fans, however, had an issue with Danielle’s mother MiMi not being a part of this bash for mothers.

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