Danielle Busby Goes To EXTREMES To Show She’s Still Fun

After having kids, many parents suffer from feelings of not being “fun” anymore. OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby feels that, times six. During a recent family fun day, she went to EXTREMES to prove that she’s still fun.

Danielle Busby Dubs Herself the “Cool Mom”

With a husband like Adam Busby, Danielle has a lot to compete with when it comes to the ‘cool parent’ factor. In fact, they recently tried to see who could out-spoil their kids on separate outings.

The Busbys own a ‘Buzz Bus’ that fits all six of their kids. But what if some extended family joins them for a trip to the local water park? That’s what happened earlier this summer. The couple split up their kids, with the quints riding in the bus while Blayke and her cousins rode with mom. But not any mom. Danielle dubbed her car the “cool mom car.”


Fun Danielle Busby via Instagram

Another Fun Family Pool Day

The Busbys have been on many adventures this summer. Some of the quints went to cheer camp and Blayke tried her hand at acting at theater camp. They also took a road trip to Orange Beach in Alabama.

With summer days waning, the family spent a lazy weekend in the pool. The quints and Blayke go back to school soon. They even got cute haircuts for the first day of school. Fans can hardly recognize Hazel without her distinctive curls.

Danielle shared a silly clip of two of the kids bumping chests in the pool.

Danielle Busby Goes to EXTREMES to Prove She’s Fun

How can you prove to your family, friends, and Instagram followers that you’re still fun? You can try to run across a huge pool inflatable without falling in the water. Did Danielle succeed in proving she’s still fun? Well, not exactly.

In the video below, she only makes it a few steps before losing her balance and falling into the pool. Technically, she doesn’t have to turn in her fun card just yet, though. Her husband shoved the inflatable away just as she attempted to run across it. Check out the hilarious video below:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Did Danielle Busby go to EXTREMES to prove that she’s still fun? Do people become less fun after they have children?

TLC has yet to reveal if OutDaughtered will return for another season.

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