Danielle Busby Reveals Hazel’s Spirit Animal

Danielle Busby took her daughters out to spend their allowance and they made a trip to Claire’s. The store is popular with young girls for fun trendy jewelry and accessories. Hazel Busby and her sisters had a blast. The mom of six posted on Instagram, “it’s already the end of the month! Which happens to be our girl’s favorite day #payday They get their allowance money and we take them shopping!” Danielle said it was the girl’s first time going to the store. In the pictures, the girls are handing money to the cashier for the items they’ve picked out. Wearing matching pink dresses and jean jackets the girls are adorable.

One follower shared their enthusiasm for the store. They said, “I am 11 years old if I enter this store I stay hours and hours.” There’s a picture of Hazel Busby holding a special animal she picked from the store. During their first outing to spend their allowances Danielle and Adam Busby shared it took a couple of hours. They used it as a teachable moment on saving money for what you want. They hope to teach their kids to be responsible with money.

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What Animal Did Danielle Busby Say Is Hazel’s Spirit Animal?

Danielle Busby shared a cute picture of Hazel holding a stuffed sloth. This led to one of her followers saying, “hazel holding my favourite animal.” Danielle responded, “sloth is hazel[‘s] spirit animal! Lol.” Several other followers said it was theirs as well. Another fan said her daughter was starstruck by the quints. She posted, “My 2nd grad daughter sees your girls at school all the time. I ask her if she says hi to them and she’s like, “mom, why would they say hi to me, they don’t know me.” Lol!”

Lots of fans complimented the girls. One said, “parkers’ smile is just so precious.” Another said, “Hazel holding her sloth, she so pretty, with a beautiful smile.” Most fans have their favorite quint, and Hazel is a real crowdpleaser.

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Why Did She Say Hazel Is Like A Sloth?

A recent video on Instagram showed the girls at the beach hunting for crabs. Danielle said in her story they didn’t spend their allowance while on vacation so they had more to go around at Claire’s. They certainly made the most of it. Fans think they know why Danielle Busby says the sloth is her spirit animal. Hazel is known for her sweet personality and her fiery red hair. She seems easy going so that’s possibly why her mother thinks she’s a lot like a sloth.

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