Danielle Busby Reveals That Her Kids Were NickNamed In Utero

Despite all being born as quintuplets, the Busby girls from Outdaughtered are each very different. Their mom, Danielle Busby, has always been very outspoken about how unique each girl’s personality is. In her latest post, she reveals to followers that she knew her daughters were all very different before they had even made it out of the womb. Read on to find out all the details.

A Houseful of Personality

Danielle and Adam Busby live in a house with six young daughters. These reality television parents have become accustomed to exuberance and personality. While some Outdaughtered fans might think that because the girls are similar in age, they must have similar personalities- they would be very wrong. In fact, Danielle says that each of her quints has a unique personality that is unlike any of their siblings.

In an interview with Your Tango last year, Adam and Danielle dished the dirt about their daughters and what makes each of them unique. According to Mom and Dad, despite being identical twins, Ava and Olivia are like night and day. They describe Ava as being very sweet but much more serious than her twin. Olivia, on the other hand, is the family’s official ‘goofball’ and loves an audience. She is also said to bring out Ava’s silly side when the two are together.

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Hazel is not only unique in her appearance, but also in her ability to learn. She definitely stands out from her blonde sisters with her red curls and freckles but that’s not the only thing that sets her apart. Mom and Dad both readily admit that in spite of her vision issues, this quint has the largest vocabulary out of the bunch and the biggest voracity for learning.

Riley is the ‘Drama Queen’ of the bunch. Mom and Dad also say this quint is more rowdy and rambunctious than her sibs.

The youngest quint, Parker, is definitely the shyest of all the quints but is also the most outdoorsy and physically active girl in the bunch. She loves climbing trees and is a superb climber.

Danielle Busby Says She Gave The Girls Nicknames In Utero

According to Mom, she and Adam Busby knew that their girls had their own personalities while they were still in her tummy. Yep, in her latest Instagram post, the reality mom says that they each had ways they would kick and move that made them identifiable before they even came out. Danielle says that as they got to know her quints through ultrasounds and movement, she and their father gave them each nicknames that she feels are still very much “holding strong.”

Alongside her lengthy written post, the celeb shared a recent photo of her quints, who were all posed and dressed in ways that expressed their personality. Parker especially got a lot of praise in the comment section as fans noticed that she is starting to “come out of her shell’”in both personality and her dressing choices. Each girls’ outfit was very different from the rest and fans continuously praised Danielle for allowing her girls to be unique and express their unique personalities in various ways.

Photo Credit: Danielle Busby| Instagram

Recognizing NICU Awareness Month

Danielle Busby’s post is dedicated to NICU awareness month. This mom says she was blessed and remains ever thankful.  She recognizes that not all moms of preemies are so lucky. Danielle is thankful every day that her girls are healthy and happy. She also encourages other moms struggling with fertility issues to never give up hope.

Prior to having her quints, Danielle and Adam experienced difficulties conceiving that led them to seek professional medical help. This reality mom has many times talked about what a hard road that was and how thankful she is that despite being born as preemies, her girls have grown and continued to thrive.

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