Dannielle Merrifield Stays Faithful To Her Wedding Ring

Dannielle Merrifield may be legally divorced. However, she still holds on to two symbols of her marriage. One is her married name of Merrifield. Secondly, Dannielle still has her wedding ring on full display. During Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, she and her husband, Garrick publicly ended their marriage. They did so to bring sister wife, Roberta over from Brazil. Yet, despite the legal ending of their decade-long union, Dannielle is seemingly holding onto what was.

Dannielle Merrifield’s Former Life

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When viewers first met Dannielle and Garrick, they were preparing to legally end their marriage. It was the easiest way to bring their potential sister wife, Roberta over from Brazil. The hope was for her to obtain a K1 visa, marry Garrick, and move to Colorado. No one could have expected the jealousy Dannielle would experience upon seeing Garrick and Bert together.

The whole family had spent time vacationing in Mexico the first time the Merrifields met Roberta. That was also the trip where Garrick proposed on night two. However, the second Mexico trip was just the three adults. Garrick and Roberta shared their own hotel room so they could get to know each other more intimately. Dannielle was right next door but couldn’t help but feel left out.

Bert tried to include her. Sadly, she revealed she and Garrick had been quickly intimate on night one and it broke Dannielle. Jealousy soon overtook her. Garrick tried to let producers and viewers know he was not forcing his now ex-wife into a plural marriage. He believed she just needed more time to be delivered from her jealousy. Once Bert and Garrick decided behind Dannielle’s back to try to have a baby rather than get married, it was the ultimate betrayal.

Standing By Her Man

Speculation ran wild that Dannielle had left Garrick. Her feet were crossed on a date night, presumably with another man. Then, she and Garrick were spotted out at multiple events and fans took photos of the couple together. They seemed very happy. Additionally, they purchased a large plot of land last year. By September, Dannielle’s name had been added. It appeared all was happy in Merrifield land.

As for social media, the couple never posted pictures together. Garrick shared photos of his traveling adventures while Dannielle stuck to making memories with the couple’s two sons. She did her first Instagram live video where she addressed the status of their relationship. Unfortunately, she could not say much for the safety of her family. Dannielle did share they were moving. Moreso, she always has her wedding ring on. The other day, Dannielle took her eldest son, Geremiah, out for a mother-son date.

Dannielle Merrifield Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram
Credit: Dannielle Merrifield Instagram

Fans were quick to notice her wedding ring. Sadly, most of the comments were not positive: “She believes he is still her husband.” Others expressed sympathy for Dannielle while some questioned if they just did the show for money. One person who chimed in was co-star Tosha Jones who said this: “Maybe they’ll end up with four wives.”

What do you think of Dannielle still wearing and flashing her wedding ring? Should she stay with Garrick (and possibly Bert) or move onto a better life? Let us know in the comments below.

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