Danny DeVito Briefly Loses Twitter Verification After Nabisco Tweet

Danny DeVito briefly lost his blue checkmark on Twitter Thursday, just after tweeting his support of the striking Nabisco workers.

Tweeting out the succinct slogan “No contracts, no snacks,”DeVito summarised the strike as a matter of “humane working hours, fair pay, outsourcing jobs,” leaving no ambiguity as to his opinion on the snack food giant’s treatment of its workers. Soon after that, the blue checkmark beside his name disappeared, giving the Hollywood star’s official account, including his tweet in support of the strikers, the appearance of a parody account or one of the many celebrity impersonators found on Twitter.

DeVito’s fans and people standing in support with the striking workers had questions for Twitter about its decision to stripDeVito’s account of verified status.

Many have assumed it’s a direct response toDeVito’s tweet about the strike, with Twitter user @xlchimeralx pointing out that many of the large shareholders in Twitter are also large shareholders in Nabisco’s parent company Mondelez.

So far, Twitter has yet to release a statement on why this happened, though DeVito’s blue checkmark has already been quietly reinstated. The Daily Dot has reached out to Twitter for comment and will update the story if they respond. If this was an attempt to prevent DeVito’s support of the strikers from gaining traction, however, it has hugely backfired. As many on Twitter have now pointed out, the news of Devito’s de-verification going viral has massively increased awareness, and support, of the strike and the numbers only seem to be increasing.

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