‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap- September 20

Last week on Darcey and Stacey, the twins lived their best lives on a yacht. They danced and did a personal photoshoot together. Then, Stacey shared she and Florian have been trying to have a baby but the process has led them to a doctor. There, she learned she has a cyst and is now awaiting blood work. Along with Florian, the twins hopped on a video call with the doctor. He told them the cyst was nothing to worry about but did drop a bomb on Stacey.

It will be almost impossible for her to conceive a baby. To Florian, this means nothing. Firstly, he is happy just being with his wife. Secondly, he knows what the doctor says is not gospel and believes they can still try. Both Darcey and Stacey are frustrated with their men but are in Turkey and should try to make the most of it.

Darcey and Stacey: Phase Two

Credit: TLC

The girls are about to leave Bodrum and head to Istanbul. First, they have to get the final touches on their new teeth. Sadly, Stacey is still hurt by Florian telling her to “relax” the night before. She knows she does have to just enjoy this experience with her sister. When they arrive at their final destination, there will be 24/7 nursing care and it really will be a lavish transformation. Off to the dentist as Stacey’s plastic teeth have started to fall out.

Darcey cannot wait for her Hollywood smile and at least she can laugh about her nub teeth. Two hours go by and they get to reveal their new teeth to one another. They have finally arrived in Istanbul and Darcey is wondering what Georgi is doing at home. She hopes he is thinking of ways to repair their relationship but does not know. Darcey goes to sit outside with her sister when Stacey tells her she got a text from Florian.

She shares that Georgi contacted Jesse. Darcey is livid and calls Georgi a manipulator. Stacey immediately calls Florian so they can get the whole story. She tells her sister she has a toxic dating pattern and she is scared he will reel her back in. Stacey wants her sister to have the strength to walk away.

Georgi At Home

Back in Connecticut, Georgi’s friend, Amos is stopping by. They have not seen each other since Virginia and he witnessed a blow-up between Georgi and Darcey. This was when Georgi commented on Darcey having her dad take care of her financially. Amos knew the two were having problems but was hopeful they had subsided. Sadly, they have not. He reminds Georgi the clock is ticking and he will be married soon enough.

Amos wants to know the root of the problem so Georgi explains that Darcey contacted Octavia. He is shocked about this and is blown away that Georgi called Jesse. Florian soon shows up as Stacey shared the two were getting together. When Darcey learned of this, she was hopeful he would be able to help Georgi some. Florian had met Amos in Virginia but hoped they could get along better this time.

Amos started chatting with Florian and let it slip that Georgi called Jesse. Georgi wished this had not come out. Florian is beyond shocked and asks why he did this. He said he did it to make a point. Florian notes Georgi is always trying to make points with someone. Now, he feels super uncomfortable at guy’s night. He wants to tell Darcey but does not know if he should come between the couple.

Darcey’s Daughter Gets Pageant Ready

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Aniko has decided to enter her first pageant. She wants to try to boost her confidence. Ani knows her mother goes and gets plastic surgery for the same reason. She puts in hair extensions and starts to feel like Darcey. It’s very surreal. The winner will get scholarship money which she is aiming for. Soon, her coach arrives and has a lot of experience. There are no excuses.

She brings a pair of pageant shoes and is wearing the same ones. Ani has no reason not to be able to walk in them if her coach can. She is not that bad in her six-inch heels and now it is time to try on dresses. The day of the pageant will be exhausting yet Ani will not be able to show any of that. This coach is tough. Ani knows it won’t be easy but she seems willing to try to do what she needs to.

Darcey and Stacey Explore Istanbul

It is tradition to get their coffee grinds read in Istanbul. The reader tells them about her past as a reader. She does not do it as a profession rather it runs in her family. They drink the coffee and now she will read the grinds. She reads Stacey’s first and says she sees a hot, passionate person jumping on her. There is also the letter “A” so Stacey attributes it to Albania. The reader does not think that is what it means yet Stacey says she is not going anywhere.

She then asks if the reader sees anything about babies. There does not seem to be any but they had to make a wish beforehand. She says Stacey has layers of wishes so she needs to keep manifesting with the warning to be careful of what she wishes for. As for Darcey, she has a bright home with a lot of question marks. She is about to face one of her male demons. He has a big nose and is very important in her life. She adds he is not the one yet and this brings more clarity to Darcey.

Darcey is scared to let Georgi go, yet she feels this is all about him. It is time to call him and have a chat. He says he has realized how much he misses and loves her. Yet, this time apart has made her reflect on their relationship. It can be very volatile. She asks if he loves her and he asks her if he would do the things he does if he if did not. Darcey does not understand why he reached out to Jesse. She thinks it was because she talked to Octavia.

Where Do Darcey and Georgi Stand?

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

In Darcey’s mind, Georgi contacting Jesse was way worse than her meeting up with Octavia. He claims he did it because he was hurt. Georgi tells her it is always about her and she never thinks how her actions may affect others. She says she does not deserve this anymore. He does not treat her the way a fiance should and she is standing in her power and she will walk away. Darcey then hangs up on him and walks to Stacey. She proceeds to ball as he calls her back.

Georgi goes on the balcony to smoke and a producer follows him to make sure he is okay. He says he is fine, asks what is he going to do? This is just stuff that makes you stronger. He thinks she needs to change and work on herself if she wants a healthy relationship. Georgi proceeds to call her weak to the cameras for ending it the way she did. In Turkey, Darcey screams that she is free and decides to run with her sister. Georgi calls again but this time she answers and he says he wants to tell her something.

Next week, the girls get a Turkish scrub down while Georgi meets with his ex-wife. He needs to decide if he can work things out with Darcey. The girls have their consult with the doctor and finally go under the knife.

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