Darcey and Stacey Silva’s House For Sale, Big Money!

Darcey and Stacey will soon have a few more men in their lives. Moving men that is. The Connecticut mansion featured on their hit TLC reality series Darcey and Stacey has been put up for sale. It was originally purchased by the twin’s father Mike in 2005. Ultimately, the girls ended up moving in and raising their children in the home after they both got divorced. Now it seems the home is about to find a new owner to love it.

Darcey and Stacey Abandon The Home

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The Middletown, Connecticut home is plush, lavish yet suburban as viewers have seen on the show. However, Mike Silva had one rule- no boys in the house. When Florian first moved to America, despite being engaged to Stacey, they had to find their own place. The same rule applied to Georgi and Darcey.

Darcey used the private time she had with Georgi after only meeting him briefly to see if the relationship had potential. This was how she learned he was still legally married. At the same time, the privacy allowed Florian and Stacey to sneak off and elope. Viewers could not help but question how these women could be hands-on parents when they left their children at home.

Luckily, their father was more than happy to step up into the grandpa role. He had traveled so much when they were growing up. Mike spent a lot of time in China so COVID halted him in Connecticut. This allowed him to be with Darcey’s girls and Stacey’s boys more. All the while, the twins and their beaus shuffled apartments. Now, their home base is up for sale. What does it have to offer? A lot.

Own The Silva Home

Purchased for $637,500, the asking price is now $715,000, according to Starcasm. This is not the first time the Silva’s have listed the home. In 2018, it was up for sale for $645,000. They dropped it to $599,000 a few months later before removing it all together after six months. Features of the home include six bedrooms and six bathrooms at 5,178 square feet.

It is described as a Colonial home with Cathedral ceilings, which viewers may have noted from the series. There are also french doors and a swimming pool. Furthermore, the home includes fireplaces, which are essential in chilly Connecticut. No word on where they will head next but rumor has it the twins already bought a home nearby.

Would you want to live in a home owned by Darcey and Stacey, especially after what you have seen on television? It seems, from the description, there have been many upgrades prior to listing the home. These include new appliances, carpeting, and more. Wonder if they are making room for a new baby for Stacey and Florian? Maybe Darcey got rid of Georgi and is exerting her independence.

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