Darrell Sheets Reveals BTS Photo Of Brandi

Storage Wars is back for Season 14! OG storage locker hunter Darrell Sheets has shared a BTS photo from a storage locker facility that should get fans excited for the upcoming season.

Darrell Sheets Gives Behind-The-Scenes Update

Are you ready for the Storage Wars shenanigans to come back? They will be coming back soon. On Wednesday, Darrell Sheets went to Facebook to share a photo of Brandi Passante. Well, he says it is Brandi. It is a blonde in jeans, and the photo is only from the back.

Moreover, he shared the news that a new season is coming up. Darrell wrote, “Who’s ready for an all-new season of Storage Wars. It’s coming late October. Here is Brandi and her helper Danelle discussing their next big purchases @aetv @orig_prod @storage_wars #storagewars. Hell yes, it’s coming, and lots of big finds.”

Although “The Gambler” didn’t reveal the actual date that Storage Wars will return to A&E, he did say it will be in late October. That is less than 60 days away.

Who Is Coming Back For Storage Wars Season 14?

One of the biggest questions that Storage Wars fans will have is who will come back. Last season, Dan and Laura Dotson, Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Darrell Sheets, Kenny Crossley, Rene Nezhoda, Casey Nezhoda, and Ivy Calvin and his sons were featured in Season 13. Barry Weiss even came out. However, Dave Hester was not back.

However, there is a lot of questions on whether Jarrod will return. According to TMZ, Brandi was at a bar, “hanging with friends.” Jarrod came into that bar. The two ex-partners got into a big disagreement.

Next, the publication reported that Jarrod allegedly pushed Brandi. This happened more than once. In addition, he allegedly yelled at Brandi and her group of friends. Jarrod split before the cops showed up.

However, a few days later, Schulz reported that he did not do these things. Despite this, the Orange Country D.A.’s office charged Jarrod with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery.

Will he return to the A&E show? They have not announced anything either way. The network did conduct an internal investigation. However, they have not revealed any results of that investigation. It seems that once they announce who is returning, fans will have a better idea about what the network has uncovered. Until then, Jarrod’s status is as mysterious as the contents inside of the storage lockers.

Storage Wars Season 14, https://www.facebook.com/DarrellTheGambler/posts/4209428719134990

When Did Storage Wars Couple Split?

When did Brandi and Jarrod split? The Storage Wars couple split up after Season 12. Last summer, Brandi Passante revealed a Covid diagnosis. She also revealed that she and Jarrod had split over a year before. Although the couple never married, they had been common-law partners for nearly two decades.

Subsequently, Jarrod now owns a bar called The Rush. In addition, Jarrod has moved on with another woman.

Are you ready for Storage Wars Season 14?

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