Daughter makes viral video of father’s ‘dad mode’ as he storms through airport

TikTok star Abbey created a video of her dad as he escorted his family through an airport and onto a plane, and the funny clip shows the man wasting no time as he makes for the check in gate

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TikTok user shares dad’s antics at Dublin Airport

A daughter has made a viral video of her father entering ‘dad mode’ as he storms through an airport and herds his family along.

TikTok star Abbey was going away with her family and decided to document her dad’s behaviour on the day they flew out from Dublin, Ireland.

In the clip, her dad can be seen wasting no time – ahead of his family on the escalator, at the front of the baggage check queue, and relentlessly checking the passports to make sure they’re still there, as Dublin Live reports.

Abbey called the behaviour ‘dad mode’ and said it was activated as soon as the family entered Dublin airport – and now the clip has gone viral and received thousands of views.

Abbey’s dad wanted to get through the airport as quickly as possible



There was a brief moment of levity, then it was back to business



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In the video, Abbey describes what is happening in captions, which read: “Straight in the door and he’s off. First onto the escalator. Establishing dominance and need for speed.

“A condescending wave mid explaining why Emily can’t hold her own passport. Enough messing, must regain focus.”

Abbey’s sister, Emily, is then featured on the video as it explains: “The silent treatment for Emily as she did not pack her liquids a week in advance.

“Quadruple checking the passports in case they’ve been stolen in the past ten seconds

“Arrived at the gate in record time after a concerning paced speed walk.”

All went well and the family seemed to make it on the plane on time.

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But Airport Dad had one final duty before the plane took off as he “demanded passports be returned because only he can be trusted with such important documents”.

Many people from all over the world relate so strongly to the idea of dad being over-prepared for the airport.

Sydney psychologist Sharon Draper once said: “People in general don’t like feeling out of control.

“In this case, with the common experience of males being the breadwinner in a patriarchal society, it could be viewed as their responsibility to make sure they get to the airport on time.”

Since it was uploaded on Monday, August 30, the video has been viewed over 87,000 times and has received nearly 5,000 comments.

One user wrote: “Emily did not pass the vibe check delaying Home Depot Dad. C’mon Emily – you’re better than this!”

And another added: “That’s me all over haha, after watching this might calm down a bit on the next holiday.”

“Probably first to baggage reclaim when he lands”, wrote a third user.

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