Daughter Takes Mother With Dementia On A Memorable Trip

Netizens were left in tears after a video of a woman fulfilling one of her mother’s wishes went viral. The caption accompanying the clip made the post more emotional. Find out what it was! 

As human beings grow old, it is only natural that the mind and body deteriorate, leading to a series of mental and physical complications. Many people wish to achieve their lifelong dreams and aspirations before that time.

While some people successfully achieve their dreams before old age, others hope that their children will help them experience beautiful moments, even in their depreciated state. Here is a touching story of a lady who fulfilled one of her mother’s dreams.

A few years ago, an aging woman was diagnosed with frontal, temporal dementia. According to the doctors, she had only six to eight years before she completely lost her memory of everyone she knew, including her children.

The woman had always had a lifelong dream to see the Cliffs of Moher, but that experience seemed very far-fetched. However, the aging woman’s daughter, identified as Stephanie Martin, brought her mom to tears after fulfilling that one dream.

Martin took to her Instagram page to share a short emotional clip of her and her mother enjoying a ten-day trip around Ireland. In the video, the woman could be seen in tears as she stood in front of the Cliffs of Moher.

The woman stood with her daughter as the wind caressed their hair. It was a lovely view and a priceless moment for Martin’s mom, who could hardly believe she was experiencing her dream.

The emotional video stirred up a lot of reactions from Martin’s fans and followers, and thousands clicked the like button and trooped to the comments section to pour out their heartfelt thoughts.

A comment from a netizen on a viral Instagram video | Photo: Instagram/stephanierosemartin

Most of the fans revealed that they were deeply moved by the clip, tagging the moment as priceless. An emotional respondent wrote, “I’m bawling watching this. Priceless. So much love and awe and wonder.”

Other fun moments from the trip, including the mother and daughter pair at the beach, were also shared on Martin’s Instagram page. To preserve the memories, the young lady saved stories from their trip on the Highlights Instagram page.

A comment from a netizen from a viral Instagram video | Photo: Instagram/stephanierosemartin


This is not the only story that has moved netizens in recent times. A certain man named Dustin Vitale moved the public after he took his dying mom to see the pyramids in Egypt.

It had been her lifelong dream to visit Egypt with an entire family of 14 people, and Vitale finally made it happen after she was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer.

A comment from a netizen from a viral Instagram video | Photo: Instagram/stephanierosemartin

The young man began selling cheesesteaks in his home with his mom’s recipe, and sooner than expected, he saved up to $18,000 for the trip. Vitale took his mom to Egypt, and she had an experience of a lifetime.

After they returned, Vitale’s mom was hospitalized, and shortly after, she passed away. Vitale was happy he got to fulfill his mother’s wish before she died.


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