Daughter tricks dad with savage fake scholarship application in new viral trend

The internet has gone crazy for one dad’s wholesome reaction to his daughter faking a university scholarship application as part of a viral TikTok trend

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Dad’s adorable reaction to daughter’s fabricated scholarship application

There are undoubtedly few things in life that can make a parent prouder than their offspring getting into a prestigious university – but one thing that certainly tops that is if they get into said uni with a scholarship, meaning parents aren’t forced to foot the bill.

But, if you’ve scrolled through the depths of TikTok over the last few weeks, the chances are you’ll have noticed a hilariously savage prank doing the rounds, where teens rope their parents into completely fabricated scholarship applications and their reactions are priceless.

One dad who fell victim to the hilarious viral challenge was the father of Shami, a Manchester-based TikToker, who regularly shares insights into the wholesome relationship she shares with her dad.

Shami’s dad thought she was applying for a £50,000 scholarship

He was not happy with the lies she made up

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Shami sat down with her dad in front of the camera, for what he believed to be a scholarship application worth £50,000 for a prestigious place on a software engineering course.

“My dad here is my biggest inspiration. From the age of two years old, just after my dad escaped from prison for robbery and theft, my dad took me under his wing; he actually adopted me from another family and I feel like despite the fact that I am adopted, me and my father have always had a very close relationship,” she began, while her dad turned to her with a look of shock and horror.

Shami went on to say that her dad had always inspired and motivated her to believe that nothing was out of her reach, and if she wanted something she could always go and get it, even if that meant “stealing it”.

Her dad continued to look on in horror as Shami continued to say her dad had been in and out of rehab, and had even escaped from prison for robbery, and yet he still did not say a word.

Once Shami had stopped her so-called scholarship application, her dad finally revealed the full extent of his anxiety and told her he’d rather take out a bank loan for the £50,000 himself than have her lie about their situation to university officials, and the internet can’t quite cope with just how wholesome he is.

“The way your dad let you finish without interruption,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Your dad’s integrity is everything, bless his heart.”

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