David Harbor Reveals The Secret Behind His New Weight Loss Outlook

The number of celebrity diets out there is almost overwhelming, as each one has its own food restrictions, set meal times, etc. This week Stranger Things star David Harbor revealed the secret to his dramatic weight loss, and it’s not what you may be expecting.

How Did David Harbor Lose So Much Weight?

When it comes to David Harbor’s weight loss secret, it’s simple and sweet. “It’s just not eating,” Harbor revealed on Monday at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park as he attended The Public Theater’s annual gala.

The 46-year-old actor admitted that “putting on weight is my favorite thing,” but actually losing the weight was pretty tricky. “It’s amazing. You try to do all these different things, the protein and the this and that, and then you just stop eating, and you lost weight.”

Apparently, cutting back on calories was the ideal diet for Harbor, as he now sports a much leaner build. The reason for David Harbor’s sudden weight loss journey? The actor revealed that part of why he lost so much weight was in preparation for season four of Stranger Things. In the show’s third season, Harbor’s character, Jim Hopper, was thought to be dead. However, the finale confirmed that he was actually alive in a Russian prison.

In order to achieve an accurate depiction of a gulag inmate, Harbor had to shed some serious weight. But Harbor also acknowledged his dieting method may not be right for everyone, even himself, in the long run. “It’s not very good for me, mentally and nutritionally,” Harbor said.

When Is Season Four Of ‘Stranger Things’ Being Released?

There’s been buzz circulating around the fourth season of Stranger Things, and Harbor assured fans the upcoming season is “the best season.” In fact, Harbor described the latest Stranger Things episodes as “the most epic thing we’ve ever done. It’s huge.” Without giving too much away, the actor revealed the upcoming episodes “span different continents and also it still has that tremendous heart.”

Fans have been patiently waiting for more Stranger Things episodes since the third season initially dropped in July 2019. Unfortunately, the Season Four premiere was pushed back because the coronavirus delayed filming.

The show finally teased fans by releasing Season Four trailers during the Toyko Olympics, which confirmed that the new season will be ready by 2022. Harbor is seemingly just as excited about the release of the fourth season as fans are. “It truly is an extraordinary season,” Harbor remarked before adding, ”and unfortunately, with this damn pandemic, we’ve had to wait and wait.”


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