David vs Goliath – determined chihuahua takes on massive Great Dane at tug of war

Zino the small chihuahua loves playing with his huge friend Diesel, who is more than 10 times his size

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Great Dane plays tug of war with tiny Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are known for having a ‘big dog’ attitude, with huge personalities to match.

But one tiny chi, called Zino, even thought he had big dog strength when he took on his Great Dane brother in a game of tug of war.

The average chihuahua weighs between 1.5kg and 3kg, with male Great Danes weighing up to 90kg.

But the size difference didn’t stop Zino latching onto the end of the rope toy hanging from a much bigger Diesel’s mouth.

The video, posted by Tamaradockx on TikTok, has since reached over 1.6 million views and viewers couldn’t help but be impressed with Zino’s courage and determination.


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One said: “It is not the size of a dog in a fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts.”

Another joked: “£20 on the chihuahua.”

And viewers also loved how gentle the Great Dane was with his tiny playmate, with one writing: “The Great Dane moved forward! He’s like the father lion when his kiddo wrestles and he pretends to lose.”

Zino the chihuahua thought he could take on Diesel the Great Dane



“Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart,” another joked.

Another commenter said: “For dogs that have no concept of their size while being around humans, Fanes are great at playing with small dogs.”

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