Days Of Our Lives Preview Video For The Week of September 27 Is Out! Possessed Marlena Tries To Kill Doug, John Comes To Know The Truth

Days of Our Lives Preview Video for the upcoming week of September 27, 2021, is out. And it looks like the Devil will jump the bodies and make it to Marlena. A possessed Marlena will make many moves that will leave all the viewers on the edge of their seats. First, she will try to kill Doug; then, she will create more chaos.

John might get a hint of this possession. But what will he do? On the other end, Allie will also tell something to Tripp, and that will have him choking on his water. What could that be? Keep reading to find out. 

Devil Tries To Kill Doug

The preview video confirms that Marlena will get possessed, and she will be determined to kill Doug. Doug knows that Devil has entered Marlena’s body. So, it will want to shut Doug up permanently. So, a possessed Marlena will snatch a pillow and try to kill Doug. Since she is possessed, she won’t have any issues with doing that, but the good thing is Eli Grant will come just in time. So, Devil will not get the opportunity to do what it wants to. 

While the Devil might not have been successful this time, it looks like it will continue trying. More Doug-related spoilers suggest that he will have communication problems. He will try to tell Eli that Marlena is possessed, but he won’t be able to. But, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that John will get that clue later on. 

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: John Comes To Know About Marlena’s Possession?

In the preview video, Doug crocks that Marlena wants him dead. He seemed to be telling that to John. While it is possible that this could be a dream or fantasy, but it is also possible that this could be a real deal, and Doug might hint at John. He might be able to tell John that Marlena has got fatal intentions. Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that John won’t initially think about Devil, but DOOL viewers know that John has been worried about that. So, he might go with that thought. 

Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives spoilers also suggest that many people in Salem believe that Doug is suffering mental deterioration. So, there will be reasons that John might think that Doug doesn’t know what he is talking about. So, he will take some time. 

Julie And John Pray

There will be a lot of Devil-related storyline in-play on Days of Our Lives in the upcoming week. The preview video reveals that Julie and John

will be at the chapel praying for Doug’s speedy recovery. Possessed Marlena will be lurking around, and she will hate every minute of this. Marlena still wants to kill Doug. So, Doug will be really worried about her coming back to his room. Will Doug be okay? Only time will tell. 

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Allie Tells Tripp The Family Secret

On the other end of the town, suggests that Allie will tell Tripp about their family secret, and she will almost choke. Allie will come clean about how her Grandma was possessed by the Devil. Tripp will think that all of this is bizarre, and he will have a hard time believing it. But then, Allie will reach out to John to confirm the story, and she will get a confirmation.

Days of Our Lives

Of course, Tripp will want to be by Allie’s side to make sure she feels secure. Johnny has been stirring a lot of trouble lately. Allie already has a bad feeling about Johnn’s film. Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that things will get worse when the movie goes into production. So, Tripp might be by Allie’s side.

Whatever happens there, Days of Our Lives will bring some eerie devil drama. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. Marlena is possessed, and that will soon start affecting all the storylines on the canvas. Days of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. Make sure you tune in and enjoy. In the meantime, check out the preview video here. 


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