‘Dear Evan Hansen’: 13 Most Cringeworthy Moments

Every moment of Evan’s public speech about Connor will make you want to scream.

Ben Platt as Evan Hansen.

Universal Pictures

Speaking of exploiting genuine teenage struggles, let’s talk about Connor.

Within the film, the tragedy of his death only happens to help our “hero” gain friends and influence people. Conner’s true personality is bashed by nearly everyone who should have loved him and his only chance at redemption comes in the form of Evan’s bold-faced lies. 

The horror of this “deeply offensive” plot (as Variety so succinctly put it) is most evident when Evan gives a public speech about Conner at a school assembly. In the first few minutes of the scene, you might feel second-hand embarrassment for Evan because of all of the gawking and laughing from the audience. 

That sick feeling in your stomach won’t go away for you as the tides change for Evan and he starts getting cheers for relaying fake memories about Connor. If you can’t resist the urge to stop watching or scream at your screen, we don’t blame you. 

All kidding aside, suicide rates have been rising at an “alarming” rate among kids and teens, according to a report by UC Davis Health. Kids who have depression and drug addiction deserve a better story than Conner’s.

At the very least, let’s acknowledge that lying about a stranger’s life will probably have more negative consequences than positive ones. 


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