Defiant right-wingers celebrating Columbus Day despite him being a murderous brute

Some right-wingers can’t get past the idea that Indigenous Peoples’ Day is replacing Columbus Day, which marks explorer Christopher Columbus’ “discoveries” on his murderous voyage.

President Biden recently proclaimed Monday October 11 as a day to acknowledge indigenous people in America, becoming the first US president to formally do so.

But some on the right are clearly irked that the US president wants people to celebrate indigenous people over a foreign invader who murdered and enslaved.

“Good morning and happy #ColumbusDay, especially to my many Italian-American friends!” wrote Newsmax host Steve Cortes.

“Thankful for #ColumbusDay for it marks the bringing of superior Western Civilization to this hemisphere, which eventually spawned American Exceptionalism. And so is everyone else here, especially those who claim otherwise, because they obviously prefer WiFi to wampum,” added Steve Deace, a BlazeTV host and author of Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History.

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro also took to the platform to voice his opinions and included a link for people to grab a copy of A Patriot’s History of the United States: From Columbus’s Great Discovery to America’s Age of Entitlement.

The anti-Western propaganda of Howard Zinn served as the basis for the destruction of Columbus as a national hero. Instead, pick up a copy of this far more well-rounded book, and celebrate Columbus for his achievements #ColumbusDay,” he wrote.

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Check out what other right-wingers had to say about the holiday.

For several years many states such as New Mexico, Alaska and Maine have adopted the holiday, choosing to disregard Columbus Day festivities and paying attention to Indigenous groups and residents not to celebrate the brutish explorer.

Those who are apart of indigenous communities believe Mr Biden’s move is a good start, but also suggest that the day isn’t enough.

Although Indigenous Peoples’ Day is not a federal holiday, a bill in Congress proposed it should be.


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