Delivery Driver Caught On Video Aimlessly Tossing Parcels Into Van Gets Suspended

Justin Dracup/Facebook

A delivery driver has been suspended after footage shared online showed her carelessly throwing packages into the back of a van.

The driver in question appeared to have no concern for the safety of the items she was handling in the video clip, which found itself a home on the Facebook page ‘Hermes delivery service. Unsuccessfuly delivering parcels since 1974’.

Filmed by onlooker Justin Dracup on Castle Road in Bedford, Bedfordshire, the clip showed the female courier moving parcels from a trolley in to the back of the large truck.

Delivery driver throwing parcels into van (Justin Dracup/Facebook)Justin Dracup/Facebook

With all sense of concern for other people’s belongings apparently out of the window, the delivery person chucked the parcels of varying shapes and sizes one-by-one into the far corners of the truck.

Shocked witnesses could be heard discussing the woman’s actions from behind the camera, with one man explaining that his wife gets parcels delivered from Hermes and that they’ve had ‘three this week that are damaged’.

After watching the delivery driver make both overarm and underarm throws to load the packages, one person said, ‘I bet she was good at netball.’

The footage of the scene has been met with criticism from Facebook users, with one person commenting, ‘This is rubbish, why would you do that?’

Another wrote, ‘It’s certainly not good practice regardless if other companies do it too! We could all stand and chuck things as we are too lazy to walk and place them, just because you work unsupervised is not an excuse for any company to damage due to sheer laziness.’

According to Deadline News, Dracup said he was ‘in the pub minding [his] own business’ when he spotted the parcels being thrown through the air out of the corner of his eye and ‘had to video it’.

The release of the footage prompted an apology from Hermes, which slammed the driver for her behaviour and described the scene as a ‘totally unacceptable way to handle parcels’.

Hermes van (Alamy)Alamy

A spokesperson for the company said, ‘We apologise. The driver involved has been suspended with immediate effect pending a full investigation.’

Hermes is one of the UK’s largest parcel delivery companies delivering more than 400 million parcels a year, according to its website.


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