Delivery driver knocks on door ‘like the police’ after customer’s strange request

A delivery driver has gone viral after hilariously accepting her customer’s delivery request to knock on the door “like the cops”.

The 45-year-old shared the video to TikTok, writing in the caption: “Ask and you shall receive.

“When your customer tells you to put their food on the porch and knock like you’re the cops. I aim to please.”

In the video, she opens the mesh screen before banging furiously on the door, yelling: “Open up! It’s DoorDash!”

Her clip has racked up more than 500,000 views in just 24 hours and people joked that she “definitely understood the assignment”.

The driver walked up to her customer’s house and banged hard on their door like the police
(Image: TikTok/kari3bill2)

Some viewers who also worked as delivery drivers shared their “fun customers’ requests”.

One said: “I had once that said knock three times then get back in car and honk twice.”

Another wrote: “One time the customer told me to knock very loud because he can’t hear so I banged hard and yelled ‘Ralph I got your ribs’. Poor neighbours.”

Others said she delivered an amazing performance.

“This is awesome, I would completely forgot that I asked for this and probably s***my pants when they did!” a viewer added.

She had fun completing the request and turned around for a smile
She had fun completing the request and turned around for a smile
(Image: TikTok/kari3bill2)

A fourth wrote: “That’s like me because I nap all the time waiting for my food. So I tell them to knock like the police.”

Delivery drivers often receive special requests by customers. One driver recently picked up an unusually phrased notation when he made a pizza delivery in Hartlepool.

The customer gave him a warning as the note read: “Just a heads up pal, me dogs a f***ing rarf n barks at nowt.”

An Amazon delivery driver also received a rather cheeky request to “twerk” by the front door before putting down the parcel.

To the customer’s surprise, the bearded driver gyrated his body and bent down, dropping off the parcel with a smirk in front of the doorbell camera.


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