Dennis Rodman’s wild bender will be ’48 Hours in Vegas’ film

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas — except if you’re Dennis Rodman.

The former Chicago Bulls star — who’s long been known for his bromance with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, with whom he once shared a night of karaoke, vodka and “some hotties” — will give viewers another look into his wild side, thanks to a forthcoming feature film.

“48 Hours in Vegas” by Lionsgate — and with Rodman himself serving as executive producer — will document the crazy bender that Rodman had during the 1998 NBA Finals.

Viewers may remember this trip as the subject of a cliff-hanging ending of Episode 3 of “The Last Dance,” a popular 2020 docuseries on Netflix. While Scottie Pippen dealt with an injury during that 1998 season in which he missed the first 35 games, Rodman took on more responsibilities with the Bulls. And despite stepping up for the team, it drove Rodman to the brink of burnout — and he wanted to blow off some steam.

Dennis Rodman parties in Las Vegas in 1999.
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“When Scottie was out, Dennis was a model citizen, to the point where it was driving him f–king insane,” Bulls legend Michael Jordan said in “The Last Dance.” “So, when Scottie came back, Dennis wanted to take a vacation.”

Rodman asked head coach Phil Jackson and Jordan that January for a mid-season break — and Jackson agreed to give him just 48 hours.

“We look at Dennis and say, ‘Dennis, what are you going to do?’” says Jordan in the doc. “He says, ‘Well, I need to go to Vegas.’

“[I say] ‘Phil, you let this dude go on vacation, we’re not going to see him. You let him go to Vegas, we’re definitely not going to see him.’

“I’m looking at Phil like, ‘You ain’t going to get that dude back in 48 hours, I don’t care what you say.’”

Of course it lasted longer than 48 hours. Four days passed and Rodman spent time partying with then-girlfriend Carmen Electra and his crew.

“It was on, the party was started right away,” Electra says in the documentary. “It was definitely an occupational hazard being Dennis’ girlfriend. He was wild.”

Dennis Rodman celebrates his first winning Lakers game out on the town with then-wife Carmen Electra in February 1999.
Dennis Rodman celebrates his first winning Lakers game out on the town with then-wife Carmen Electra in February 1999.
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But all good things must come to an end, and Jordan eventually had to drag Rodman out of his bed after he returned to Chicago but didn’t show up for team activities.

“There’s only one Dennis Rodman,” said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group president Nathan Kahane in a statement. “In 1998, there was nobody on Earth who’d be more fun — or maybe more dangerous — to party with. And yet, that’s not even half of who he is. This movie takes you on an unforgettable ride with the myth, the legend, and also the man that Dennis is, behind everything you think you know.”

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