Dentist left red-faced after sign blunder sees wrong message printed on window

The sign at the surgery had people in stitches

Bosses at a dental surgery were left red-faced after an epic sign blunder resulted in a wrong message being printed on their window.

The sign, which takes pride of place on the front of the dentist’s window, lists all that is on offer at the practice which includes emergency treatment, home visits, and cosmetic dentistry, among other services.

But eagle-eyed patients noticed that it then reads ‘something about new innovations’, as the signwriters must have printed the literal instructions given to them by Heronsgate Dental Care.

The sign had people in stitches, as it appears bosses of the surgery in Plumstead, south-east London had commissioned the sign, not giving much thought to the bit of the list where they explain how new and innovative they are.

They were clearly proud of being innovative


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The full sign reads: “NHS/ private, emergency treatment, new patients welcome, home visits for the elderly and disabled; cosmetic dentistry, tooth jewellery.

“Something about new innovations.

“Nervous and anxious patients welcome; sundries, late nights available by appointment, disabled access.”

One Londoner, called Maggie, said: “So, what would you like me to put on your window? Oh, I dunno, something about new innovations.”

And another named Bianca said: “This has made my morning!”

A third patient joked: “That was an unfilled cavity.”

And a fourth pointed out: “That’ll really encourage the nervous and anxious patients.”

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