Dentist Throws Great Award He Just Received In the Trash

After working really hard in medical school, a dentist finally earned his doctorate for Dental Surgery. With his money, he started his own practice and soon became famous with diligence and consistency.

Coupled with his intelligence and hard work was a good personality. All his assistants and other employees admired him for his remarkable character. He always treated his patients with great care and importance.

The famous dentist is not having that plaque anywhere near him | Photo: Shutterstock

Everyone appreciated his exceptional skill, and he was highly recommended by every patient he met. Before long, his uniqueness earned him more clients, and soon came fame and wealth.

His practice also expanded to several parts of the country. A little over a year after his establishment, the young dentist got nominated and won an estimable medical award.

His name and his specific achievement, Global Recognition of Outstanding Surgical Staff, were boldly engraved on the surface of the prize. When the now prominent dentist got back to his office, he settled on his seat admiring his award.

But then he suddenly chuckled and threw the trophy into the trash. His secretary saw what he did and immediately wanted to know why he threw the prestigious honor into the garbage.

She told the dentist that the award should be hung on the wall for everyone to see. It was a big deal to have such an award in one’s possession, and it could get them more recognition.

The dentist wasn’t in the mood for an argument or any form of conversation, so he waved his secretary off, but she wouldn’t budge. She stubbornly continued to explain and urge the man to give her a sensible reason for his actions.

She refused to move from where she was standing. The dentist could not stand her presence, and her actions were already irritating him, so he gave in and said:

“If I did that— I’d lose all my patients! No one would ever trust a dentist to clean their teeth if they looked up and clearly saw he had his own G.R.O.S.S. plaque!”

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