Deon Richmond & Wife Tamara Rachelle ‘The Cosby Show’ Hav Fraternal Twins

Deon Richmond, the young man who played Rudy Huxtable’s best friend Bud on “The Cosby Show,” grew up to be a happy family man who shares fraternal twins with his partner, Tamara Rachelle; meet her.


Deon Richmond is an actor who began his career as a child star. His first significant role was in the classic series, “The Cosby Show,” which aired for a few years starring another young blood, Keisha Knight Pulliam.

When the producers decided to wrap up the series in 1992, Richmond had already bagged a noticeable reputation and landed roles in other popular productions like “Hangin with Mr. Cooper,” and “Sister, Sister.”

Even though Richmond was popular for playing Bud, he is not in the ranks of A-list actors; his acting career experienced a decline over the years. This does not mean he stopped getting called for roles, however, the jobs he got were all small roles.

Since his tenure as a child star, he has been recognized for participating in the 2006 movie, “Hatchet.” His most recent work is “Oliver Twist.”


Richmond’s acting career began in the 90s, however, the child star became a professional star after bagging a degree at Texas Christian University.

After his time at the University, he ventured into disc jockeying and began to host shows on-air, across the nation, and in top radio stations like KLIF, KNUS FM in Dallas, WKBW AM in New York.

While Richmond was preparing himself for a career in the movie industry, he was an excellent talk show host; one who did not mind addressing some controversial topics.

This act led him to become a target and he received many death threats. As he pursued his acting career, the young talent got to lend his voice for national commercials, and his clients included Public Storage and Pennzoil.


Even with all these, Richmond was still very much interested in acting. At the prime of his career as an actor, the “The Cosby Show” alum appeared in some notable productions.

He also appeared in the music videos of some famous artists including Kool and the Gang’s “Cherish,” and Kris Kross’s “Warm It Up,” as well as films like “Eddie Murphy Raw,” “Enemy Territory,” “Trippin,” “Scream 3,” “Not Another Teen,” among others.


Like many, Richmond has had his fair share of struggles. In 2001, the famous Bud from “The Cosby Show” was diagnosed with colon cancer.

That year, he scheduled a leave from acting, which lasted for one month, to recover and undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the disease resurfaced after one year and it took some time before Richmond could get back to the acting scene.

In 2003, there was another cancer diagnosis, and this time, it was breast cancer. Richmond went under the knife, and during recovery, experienced some severe complications.

This affected his acting career but served as a lesson and inspiration to him. The actor began enlightening people to focus on their health in order to detect cancer early.


Richmond has been consistent in the game, striving to maintain consistency in the field, which has helped him attain celebrity status. The entertainer describes himself as an:

“Experienced owner with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry…and Budgeting.”

Truly, he has amassed a remarkable feat in the entertainment industry and while he appears fulfilled with his works, Richmond is also fulfilled in his personal life.

The entertainer is very active on social media, and from his images, he looks healthy, boisterous, and youthful at 43, loves to share his outings/projects with online fans, and despite his former health struggles, he possesses a lively personality.

Amid all that, Richmond is blessed with a big, happy family consisting of his partner, Tamara Rachelle, and their fraternal twins— girls named Leone and Lilac.


There is no proof that these two, Deon Richmond and Tamara Rachelle are married, but they have been able to work together as a family unit for many years.

Rachelle is a skilled hairstylist, with nearly two decades of experience in the craft. She knows every effective treatment for hair and markets her weaves online.

Richmond’s lover lives in Sherman Oaks, a place she describes as a quiet neighborhood. Anything concerning her business is handled professionally and with the appropriate skills. Details on her website read:

“It’s my passion to help women grow their hair to amazing lengths…I am no nonsense when it comes to technical application and precision.”


As much as Rachelle loves her job and wants her customers to be happy, she always prioritizes her kids. Although she has twin daughters with Richmond, who were born in 2009, she is also the mother of two other kids.

On her website, she told her customers not to patronize her store if they do not accommodate kids, especially for evening appointments. She wrote:

“…if you don’t want to be bothered with children or the unpredictability of them being there… don’t make an appointment.”

Rachelle’s twins always get premium love from their mother, despite her busy schedule. Rachelle often pays close attention to making her babies look gorgeous and well-kempt by making their hair, a hobby she loves.

Lilac and Leone, the fraternal twins, also often feature on their mother’s Facebook page. The mother of four is always quick to gush on the young ladies and show off their black curly hair.

On the other hand, Richmond does not share as many details of his girls as his baby mama online. He keeps his family private but does not mind revealing photos of himself at events.

Whether these two are married or not, it does not change the fact that they care deeply about their kids and provide all forms of support for their girls, including financial, emotional, and social support.


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