DesireMovies 2021 Website: Watch Online HD Bollywood, Hollywood Movies – Is it Legal?


In today’s busy world we often are unable to make time for movies or sometimes we are not able to afford movie tickets and watch them in theatre. Time restraints are often a huge factor for the young generation. This makes us unable to watch various films. Sometimes budget restraints make it more difficult.

There are various costly online websites which people are unable to afford. For such purposes, there are various websites that enable us to download movies or watch movies or web series online. DesireMovies is one such website. It brings an exotic variation of films and web series on your device screen and you are just one click away from watching that favorite movie you have been planning for a long time. 

About DesireMovies

Here you can get Tamil, Telugu, Tollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood movies online. It gives you an opportunity to watch a large number of films and there is a variety of options. This website offers numerous categories of Indian films which caters the needs of clients belonging from different culture and caste. You can now watch movies in different languages, sitting and chilling on your couch. Weekends would no longer be boring anymore! 

How DesireMovies Works?

You just have to open the website from your browser, type the name of the film or web series you want to watch in the search bar. Once you click the search icon after typing the name you can see the movie appearing immediately on your screen. This website also lets you download any movies or web series. You can download any film you have been wanting to watch and save it for later. This web site is at your convenience.

 Is It Safe To Use DesireMovies

DesireMovies website at times offers pirated movies. The site is managed from the USA. Pirated films are available in a variety of languages. However, piracy is an offense in India, these types of sites are thriving randomly in India. But because of these factors, the website is considered illegal in our country.

Owing to the fact that the website is illegal, so it contains a virus or malicious files. If these files enter your device while downloading the film from the website, it can have a deteriorative effect on your device. Hence it is highly recommended that you must download some kind of anti-virus app, which would help to filter out all the malicious files. The website is one hundred percent safe if you use it along with an antivirus app. The virus would be detected immediately thus stopping the malware to cause further damage. 

Alternatives for the website

If the website is illegal then these websites can be shut down anytime by google or any other higher authority of the internet. As a result, it would no longer be a viable option for a movie lover. Hence there are more alternatives to this website that are similar to them and may have more features than the previous one. They are as follows:

How it’s special and different from other websites

DesireMovies is an organized website that provides a lot of options, categories and has a wide variety in terms of genres, languages. You can find vernacular languages like Tamil, Telegu as well as Hollywood films. This website is also providing a wide variety of genres ranging from spine chilling thrillers, horror films, parody, adult, romantic films, etc.

A variety of types of movies are displayed on the page, which is actually more interesting compared to other entertainment. Another interesting feature of this website is there is also an application for this website.

DesireMovies applications can be used in mobile as well as computers. In android phones, this application can only be opened through the UC browser except for Google. This website also offers movies in high definition (HD) quality of the picture. We can watch movies in 240p,480p,720p and 1080p. For a movie lover, it is very difficult to watch films in low resolution. Hence DesireMovies brings you HD quality of pictures so that you can sit and enjoy your movie completely.


This article does not support or encourage illegal movie websites like DesireMovies. This article is written solely for the purpose of enlightening people about the positive and negative sides of online streaming websites. Also often people require to watch movies for educational purposes. Hence the article is written to reach out to that section of people who are unaware of such websites.


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