Details on ‘Renovation Island’ Family
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Details on ‘Renovation Island’ Family

And having their children on hand at the resort has helped Bryan and Sarah “keep things in perspective,” he told viewers.

“You know, I see five loads of sand, and I think, ‘I have to get the machine here and spread it out. Then, we have to rake it, make it look good,’” Bryan added. “The kids see a place to explore and somewhere to have fun so that kind of helps ground everything and just remind us not what we’re doing but why we’re doing it.”

Sarah and Bryan home-schooled their kids at first.

In a Renovation Island episode that aired last year, Sarah explained how the kids were getting their education. “When we first arrived on the island, we basically home-schooled our children for quite a few months,” she said. “But given the state of the property, we are in full construction mode, and to have the three youngest ones running around, it just isn’t safe. So they will all be going to a local school because, for them, they need a proper school environment.”

And they had to make a “big decision” for Quintyn, their oldest. “He’s 14, and Bryan and I both thought it was really important for him to have a proper high school education, so we’re actually sending him off-island, and he will live in a boarding school,” Sarah said. “And the reality is, Quintyn’s only a 20-minute flight away.”

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