Love After Lockup Drama: Details On Who Has Custody Of Dougie
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Love After Lockup Drama: Details On Who Has Custody Of Dougie

Fans of Love After Lockup have watched this season as Doug and Rachel start their marriage off. Rachel has helped take care of his son Dougie for him while he was in prison. The two actually got very close. Dougie hasn’t been thrilled with his dad and all of his choices on the show. So who has custody of Dougie now? Well, TV Shows Ace was able to get the exclusive.

Love After Lockup Drama

First off, you have to remember that it was already revealed that Doug is no longer with Rachel. He has a new woman in his life. Last November, Rachel actually filed for divorce. They got married while he was in prison. Viewers have to remember how long ago this season of Love After Lockup was filmed. A lot has changed since then.

Rachel even shared a picture on social media showing Doug with a new woman. The original post said that Doug and the new girl were both married to other people still as well. It looks like he is moving on just fine. No word on if Rachel has a new man in her life, but she is staying busy.


Love After Lockup Rache – Doug/Youtube

Who Has Dougie Now?

TV Shows Ace exclusive source can confirm that Rachel now has custody of Dougie. They have been spending time together and she has shared on social media. Rachel has one son of her own and now she is taking care of Dougie as well. It turns out that Doug got really upset at court when this all went down and walked out. He obviously wasn’t happy with the choice the judge made for his son.

Love After Lockup Rachel - Dougie
Love After Lockup Rachel – Dougie

One of the best things to come out of this is that Rachel has plans to adopt Dougie. It looks like he will now have a permanent and safe home with someone taking care of him since his dad is back in jail once again. Fans saw Doug’s sister tell Rachel on Love After Lockup would never change and she was sure he would be back in jail soon. That is exactly what happened.

Doug is back in jail again and dealing with several charges. They include drugs, car theft, and more. Doug went on a ride for a motorcycle and when the police tried to stop him he fled. He crashed the bike then at some point pulled out a loaded gun. It doesn’t look like he could have had custody of Dougie anyway, even if he wanted to try and be a father.

Love After Lockup Doug Mugshots

Are you surprised to hear that Rachel now has custody of Dougie? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss Love After Lockup on Fridays on WEtv.

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