Details Surrounding Brittany Murphy’s Final Days Revealed by New Documentary

Almost 12 years have passed since the world saw Brittany Murphy alive and well, or so it seemed, as the new HBO documentary “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” reveals.

It has been reported that in the new docuseries, “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?,” more chilling details surrounding the actress’ passing are uncovered, particularly her relationship with her husband Simon Monjack.

Murphy died at the age of 32 in 2009 after collapsing at home. Monjack, who was 40 at the time of his death, also passed five months later from similar causes.


The documentary produced by Blumhouse Television will include interviews with Monjack’s mother Linda, brother James, and former girlfriend Elizabeth Ragsdale.

According to Cynthia Hill, the director of the documentary, Monjack was a “disturbed individual” and the late actress was just one of his many victims as he was used to deceiving others.

Ragsdale also suffered at Monjack’s hands, claiming he abandoned her while she was pregnant after buying her a plane ticket to New York and telling her he would meet her there. She recalled:

“When I got to my little studio in New York, I called him and he answered. I said, ‘Simon, I’ve made it to …’ and before I could get that sentence out, he hung up on me.”

In 2010, Coroner Asst. Chief Ed Winter concluded that Murphy died due to untreated pneumonia and anemia, as well as drug intoxication from over-the-counter medicine.

Murphy was also a singer for the band Blessed Soul in the ’90s.

Although no illegal substances were found in her system, her death was still considered to be very strange. Make-up artist Trista Jordan remembered the actress’ exhausted look during her final months:

“Her eyes were so sunken, and she just seemed so sad. She wasn’t herself. She was in so much pain. She had Bambi legs and couldn’t stand up.”

Murphy, who starred alongside rapper Eminem in “8 Mile” and fellow actor Bruce Willis in “Sin City,” was remembered by her peers as someone very kind, caring, and selfless.

According to Hill, she talked to a lot of people during her research and everyone had nothing but nice things to say about the late actress, who was “loved by everyone.”

Murphy had big dreams, having moved to Los Angeles when she was still a teenager to pursue acting. Aside from her work in front of the cameras, she was also a singer for the band Blessed Soul in the ’90s.


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