Devil Enters Marlena, John Is Scared

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Tuesday (September 21, 2021) are out, and the Devil will come into the land of Salem. The Devil will pressurize Marlena to let it in her, but it looks like she will resist. Poor Doug will get tortured because of this.

Then, John will open up to Allie. Johnny will try to impress Channel, and Paulina will seek Lani’s blessings. What could that be about? Here is everything to know. 

Marlena Gets Possessed?

Starting off the Tuesday episode, Doug will be in the hospital, and his condition will only get worse. DOOL fans are aware that the Devil has suggested a trade. The Devil wants Marlena, but she has been reluctant. So, in the upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives, Devil will torture Doug and hope that Marlena gives in.

More related spoilers suggest that Julie will want some answers, but Marlena might not be able to give them to her. It looks like Marlena hasn’t yet accepted the deal. So, Devil will make things worse for Doug. Doug is old, and he isn’t as strong as Marlena. So, there will be concerns regarding how much he can take this. Marlena will feel really pressured, and it will be interesting to see how she deals with it. 

Further, devil-related spoilers suggest that Allie will come to know that something like this has happened in the past. And she will reach out to John for some clarity. John will tell Allie that whatever she has heard is true and Allie will be left shaken after this. It will all be really painful for John to share this. He will hope that Johnny drops the idea of including this in his movie. Allie will understand why. Will she be able to convince her brother? Only time will tell. 

Days Of Our Lives: Johnny Tries To Impress Chanel

Speaking of Johnny, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that he will get a call from his mother, Sami. Viewers know that Sami is being held, hostage. So, will the kidnapper force her to give Johnny some excuse? It is possible that someone might be holding Sami at gunpoint and telling her to say whatever they want.

DOOL viewers might not get to see this conversation, but Sami will remain in trouble. More Johnny-related spoilers suggest that he will focus his attention on Chanel. Now that Allie has decided not to cause any trouble, Johnny will want to woo the woman he is interested in. 

Paulina And Abe Are Getting Married?

Rounding off the spoilers will be Paulina, who will sit with Lani and talk to her about something very important. Paulina will ask for Lani’s blessings to marry Abe. She hopes that Abe will propose to her soon. So, she will want to know what Lani thinks. Lani will probably like the idea because Abe has already asked for her blessings. She will assure Paulina that she is fine with them getting married.

Days Of Our Lives

But, Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that none of this will be so easy. Something will go down in the marriage that will end up hurting both Abe and Lani. Will the truth about Lani’s parentage come out? That is the kind of secret that can indeed blow everything up.

Nevertheless, Paulina will hope to get married, and she will be excited about it. Will she really be able to get married? That is something we will have to wait to know. Days of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. will keep you updated with all the news about the soap as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. 


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