‘Devious Licks’ Social Media Challenge Leads To Criminal Charges For Kids Across US

Some students are facing legal troubles after taking part in a controversial social media trend.

The “Devious Licks” challenge on the TikTok app encourages people to steal or vandalize school property. Many students have targeted their school’s bathrooms, stealing soap dispensers, clogging toilets, and more.

Some students are reportedly facing criminal charges.

A 15-year-old was arrested in Arizona for stealing a school toilet paper dispenser, authorities reported.

Some students are now being required to keep their phones on their desks so they can’t make recordings in school bathrooms, according to The Washington Post.

TikTok has banned the videos and the hashtag, but some students have found a way around that by spelling the hashtag differently, the Post reported.

Rather than stealing, some creators have posted videos showing them placing rolls of toilet paper and other items in bathrooms, including coffee makers and doormats.


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