Did Alex FINALLY Propose To Caroline?

Alex and Caroline have been one of the most controversial couples of You, Me, and My Ex. Mainly because viewers have doubted the legitimacy of their relationship. This doubt has spilled over onto friends and family of Alex’s. The main reason is his sole partner prior to Caroline was his boyfriend, Stephen. He is still very much in touch with his ex, almost ad nauseam. Alex broached the topic of proposing to Caroline early in the season and was met with many questions. His family had yet to meet her and his sister, Tiffany doubted if this was the real thing. So, has Alex finally taken the leap and put a ring on it?

Alex and Caroline’s You, Me, and My Ex Complicated Romance

Credit: Alex Hines Instagram
Credit: Alex Hines Instagram

When the duo was introduced, it was an interesting situation, to say the least. All of the couples featured had complicated backstories. Yet, Alex was accused of faking his storyline for the camera. Prior to dating Caroline, he had been in a long-term relationship with Stephen. She was actually his boss so they would go out and have fun. Then, his relationship ended and Alex took the friendship to the next level, much to Caroline’s surprise.

It was odd to many who knew him. However, the two fell in love and did not feel the need to justify their love to anyone. Stephen remained a huge part of Alex’s life which did not always sit well with his new partner. Eventually, enough time had gone by and Alex realized he wanted to spend forever with Caroline. Accompanied by his sister Tiffany, the two went ring shopping. She found it odd he was with a woman. Tiffany alluded she could only see him with a woman if it was an older sugar mama.

Alex realized he had to introduce his family to Caroline no matter what they said. They embraced her but wanted him to define his sexuality. He said he was demisexual, which they did not understand. They also could not grasp his closeness with Stephen. It did not matter what anyone thought as Alex was determined to show Caroline and the world how devoted he was to her. On social media, he has posted proclamations of love to her. He has made it clear she is his forever. So, what’s next for the couple?

Alex Pops the Question!

Credit: TLC
Credit: TLC

Looks like Alex has made good on his promise of forever. At a cat cafe, Alex gets down on one knee and popped the question.  Us Weekly has all the details including a preview from Sunday’s episode, The locale was chosen as this is where the two adopted their kitten, Katarina Grande. Alex thought out every detail including a personalized “Caroline, will you marry me?” bandana for a kitten to wear.

Part of his proposal included these sweet words: “These last few years have not been the easiest, but you have loved me and accepted me and shown me love that I did not know could exist. Will you marry me?” The moment was very special for Caroline since they got their kitty at the cat cafe. She is especially optimistic about the next chapter. “Alex makes me feel special and loved every single day and I can’t wait to see how our future together unfolds.”

Are you surprised the two are officially engaged? Let us know in the comments. Don’t miss the whole proposal in all of its glory on a new episode of You, Me, and My Ex Sunday night on TLC.


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