Did Colorado Rockies fan yell ‘Dinger’ or a racial slur? WATCH the video here!

A viral video is making the rounds on Twitter, causing debate as to whether a Colorado Rockies fan yelled ‘Dinger’ or a racial slur.

‘Dinger’ is the name of the Rockies’ mascot.

Watch the Colorado Rockies fan video

Twitter users are confused after a video surfaced recently, hearing a Rockies fan yell in the audience.

Some users think that the fan was yelling ‘Dinger’, attempting to get the attention of the team mascot, whereas others believe that the man was being racially offensive.

Watch the video below:

Twitter in confusion over viral video

Debating amongst themselves, Twitter users are having a hard time figuring out what the Rookies fan actually shouted.

Some noticed that the man, who is suspected to have been yelling, was raising his arm in the direction of Dinger the mascot.

However, others weren’t so sure. One person wrote: “NO. Why would a grown-ass man be yelling “Dinger”??? Is he a 10-year old boy stuck in a 65-year old man’s body? He said the N-word…twice.”

Another person tweeted: “Have you heard the video??? Dude is obviously saying the n word.”

Colorado Rockies release a statement

Following the whole ordeal, the Colorado Rockies took to social media to issue a statement.

The official statement read: “The Colorado Rockies are disgusted at the racial slur by a fan directed at the Marlins’ Lewis Brinson during the ninth inning of today’s game. Although the subject was not identified prior to the end of the game, the Rockies are still investigating this incident.

“The Rockies have zero tolerance for any form of racism or discrimination, and any fan using derogatory language of any kind will be ejected and banned from Coors Field.”

At the time of publishing, the word that the man shouted has not been officially clarified.

What’s your take?

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