Did Jenna Fischer Fall In Love With John Krasinski On Set?

One thing is clear: Fischer did not join the cast of “The Office” in 2005 with romance on her mind. Since 2000, she’d been married to filmmaker James Gunn. But two years into her “Office” gig, in 2007, the couple announced their split. Was she falling for Krasinski?

Judging by the way Fischer and Gunn remained not just cordial, but actual friends (via Pajiba), it seems highly unlikely anything shady was going on. “I’m proud of the good relationships I have with most of my exes, but especially Jenna,” Gunn wrote on Facebook in 2016, as quoted by CheatSheet. “She’s a great person, a true and wonderful friend, and she’ll always make me laugh.”

For at least a few years, Fischer and Krasinski were single at the same time while working together on the show. Surely Fischer wouldn’t have followed Pam’s example, ignoring and denying her true feelings and letting him slip away. But the pair never dated in real life and by 2010, both actors had found love with other people. Fischer married writer and director Lee Kirk (via The Knot), while Krasinski married actress Emily Blunt.

That would appear to settle any questions about Fischer’s feelings for her on-screen partner. But it wasn’t the end of this love story.

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