Did Lil Nas X get a new job at Taco Bell?

TACO Bell is known as the American-based Mexican fast food restaurant.

In a recent move, the company officially hired their first chief impact officer, and many people might recognize who they chose for the role.


Lil Nas X is now adding chief impact officer at Taco Bell to his resumeCredit: Getty

Did Lil Nas X get a new job at Taco Bell?

The Daily News reported on August 24, 2021, that rapper Lil Nas X has officially been named Taco Bell’s first chief impact officer.

His role will include promoting the return of their breakfast menu in exchange for the company adding promotion for his upcoming album “Montero” in their future campaigns.

“Lil Nas X knows the job, the experience and the culture Taco Bell creates for its fans — including its people,” Taco Bell CEO Mark King said via Daily News.

Has Lil Nas X worked for Taco Bell before?

Before he became a household name, Lil Nas X started out working at a Taco Bell in the Atlanta area.

The irony was not lost as Lil Nas X addressed it following the announcement.

“Life has come full circle, I officially work at Taco Bell again,” he said in a tweet.

Earlier this year, Lil Nas X acknowledged his history with Taco Bell and even featured the brand in the music video for his song “Sun Goes Down,” as a tribute.

Americus Reed II, professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School added in to NBC that, Lil Nas X represents “an authentic manifestation of this openness, this irreverence, this rebellion, this unpredictability that perhaps Taco Bell wants to try to capture.”

“It’s controversial magic — but it’s still magic,” citing the criticism the musician had received earlier this year following the release of his song Satan Shoes.

Lil Nas X partnered with Taco Bell in August 2021


Lil Nas X partnered with Taco Bell in August 2021Credit: The Mega Agency

What other fast food restaurants have partnered with celebrities?

Taco Bell is not the only company to partner with a celebrity for endorsement, while they are becoming more popular, these partnerships have been going on for decades.

Recently, McDonald’s released a partnership series with multiple musicians including, Travis Scott, BTS, and Saweetie.

Prior to their 2020 series, the brand also partnered with NBA legend Michael Jordan back in 1992 to create the McJordan burger.

Chipotle also followed the marketing strategy and partnered with Miley Cyrus, by naming a burrito after her back in December 2020.

Other partnerships have included:

  • Charlie D’Ameli and Dunkin’ (2020)
  • Kate Upton and Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s (2012)
  • Ringo Starr and Pizza Hut (1995)
  • Fall Out Boy and Casa Vega
  • Ben Affleck and Burger King (1989)

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