Did Melania Trump Really Sleep Through Election Night 2020?

Referencing Stephanie Grisham’s upcoming tell-all, CNN reported in September that Melania Trump appeared less-than-interested in whether or not her husband, then-President Donald Trump, would hold onto his White House post on the night of the November 2020 election — so much so that she slept through the majority of the proceedings. According to Grisham’s account, Melania was mainly left to her own devices during the proceedings, and the only reason she was able to appear on camera for her husband’s non-concession speech that night (and which, in part, got the ball rolling for Trump’s baseless and ongoing claims of election fraud) was because she was woken by staff to get her ready for her cameo. 

Notably, Melania’s purported behavior and conduct on Election Night 2020 is in sharp contrast to what happened four years prior, when her husband was declared victor of the 2016 race. According to author Michael Wolff’s 2018 deep-dive “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Melania was “in tears” after the results were declared in Trump’s favor — a show of emotion that, four years later, had allegedly faded into oblique apathy. 


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