Did RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Go Too Far With This Heather Gay Insult?

Jen Shah and Heather Gay got together in an Igloo-type structure to discuss the issues between them in the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” The Beauty Lab + Laser owner demanded Jen apologize to her for the rude comments she’d made about her comparing her to sea mammals, Honey Boo Boo, and referring to her as a “liar, manipulator, and racist.” Jen fought back saying (via ET Online), “The last time we were all together, that was hurtful.” 

The episode then flashed back to the Season 1 reunion where the former friends fought. Heather then replied, “So that was to get back at me? … You posted that to get back at me? ‘Cause your feelings were hurt? Something you don’t believe is true about me? For my kids to see? For my friends to see?” Jen attempted to defend herself by noting she’d taken the social media post down just five minutes later. Heather then showed Jen screenshots of rude Instagram DMs she had received from Jen’s verified account, yet Jen repeatedly denied calling Heather “Honey Boo Boo” saying “That’s not f****** me!”

In a confessional, Heather reflected on the confrontation with Jen. “I can’t believe she tried to turn the tables on me right now. She should be begging forgiveness and asking to make amends. I just think she’s used to saying whatever she wants to say and everyone around her agrees.” Oy.


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