Did The Queen Really Scold Meghan Markle Over A Tiara?

In an addition to the book “Meghan: A Hollywood Princess,” author Andrew Morton included some interesting details about what happened when Meghan Markle was told that the tiara that she wanted to wear at her wedding was unavailable. Morton revealed that Meghan threw a bit of a “tantrum,” according to Express. “Her prima-donna [behavior] apparently earned a rebuke from the Queen herself,” Morton wrote, adding that “the Queen then told Harry, ‘she gets what tiara she’s given by me.'” Morton revealed that Prince Harry tried to get involved, in an effort to ensure that Meghan was granted permission to wear the tiara of her choosing, but the queen didn’t budge.

Just six months after Meghan and Harry’s wedding, Harry’s first cousin Princess Eugenie got married — and she wore the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara, according to Today. The outlet indicates that Eugenie’s tiara choice was surprising, as many predicted that she would have worn the York Diamond tiara, which is the one that her own mother wore when she married Prince Andrew in 1986. The outlet pointed out that the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara is rarely worn by members of the royal family.


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