Did the Simpsons predict Tinder? Clip from 1996 showing characters discussing online dating goes viral

Over the show’s 32-year history, viewers have claimed that the The Simpsons has eerily been able to predict the future a number of times – from the Trump presidency in the episode Bart to the Future, to Richard Branson going into space in The War of Art.

But another seemingly accurate prediction from the show is making the rounds online. This relates to an episode that was made 25 years ago in 1996 (season seven, episode 23 – Much Apu About Nothing) where the character discusses a future technology revolution in the dating world.

This was, of course, when the likes of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Grindr didn’t exist and we were yet to discover how they would transform dating culture in the 21st century.

The clip has been shared by a fan account of The Simpsons and has been viewed thousands of times.

During the scene, Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink Jr. is chatting about his supercomputer, Frinkiac 7, as he tells people: “I predict that in 100 years, computers will be twice as powerful, 10,000 times larger and so expensive that only the five richest kings of Europe will own them.”

In response, Apu then asks the Frink: “Could it be used for dating?” Frink then answers: ‘Well theoretically, yes… but, the computer matches would be so perfect as to eliminate the thrill of romantic conquests.”


People were amazed at the clip, which they saw as another accurate prediction of our modern world.

One person wrote: “I’ll take ‘so perfect as to eliminate the thrill of romantic conquest’. Better than what I currently have now (which is getting matched and unmatched at record rates).”

“Well if this doesn’t prove romance is dead I dunno what does,” another person replied.

With The Simpsons still airing new episodes (32 seasons in, with a 33rd season set to air in September 2021), it’s probably worth keeping an eye on what they predict next, because you never know, it might just come true…

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