Did The Walking Dead Teach Josh McDermitt Any Survival Skills?

The Walking Dead (TWD) character, Eugene, acted by Josh McDermitt seems hardly the most likely person to survive the apocalyptic world. And yet he managed to survive somehow. In Season 11, he was held for questioning by the Commonwealth. As usual, he looked terrified, about to wet himself, and babbling away for his life. So, now that he made it this far, did Josh learn anything about survival skills in real life?

The Walking Dead – Eugene Survives With Strong Characters

In Season 11, Maggie, Daryl, Carol, and Negan are still alive. While Maggie might not stay that way through the finale season, Negan might get through. Mind you, he’s fully aware that Maggie wants him dead, so he needs to watch out for enemies all over the place. Especially, the terrifying Reapers. Also, if Daryl dies, there’s literally going to be a riot by fans. However, nobody would be surprised if Eugene comes to a grisly end. It seems like the only thing in his favor is his exceptional intelligence.

Fans of The Walking Dead now see and learn much more about those weird masked soldiers who look like they just arrived from Star Wars. Plus, they saw that Eugene had to do some really fast-talking to avoid a grisly end. In fact, he brings quite a bit to the storyline of the Commonwealth. In the show, there’s a woman who people suspect might be Stephanie. Plenty of speculation comes that she might be the one who Eugene went to meet. Recall he talked to her on the radio.

The Walking Dead Josh McDermitt On Survival Skills

In real life, Eugene might actually manufacture all sorts of things to help make life easy. However, for Josh McDermitt, it seems he’s no engineer. If the crunch came, would he be able to cleverly survive like the character he plays? Well, it seems that he didn’t learn much in the way of real survival skills. Yahoo carried a story about Josh this week. They reported that he told Insider that he could not even deal with the toilet paper shortages during the COVID-19 panic-buying last year.


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