Diddy’s Daughter Looks Gorgeous in Red Dress & Matching High-Heels on Instagram Post

American rapper Diddy’s 15-year-old daughter Chance Combs looked gorgeous in a red mini gown in pictures and a video she shared on her Instagram page.

American rapper and music producer Sean Diddy Combs is a proud father of six children, including three sons and three daughters he shares with different women.

Chance Combs is one of the famous music mogul’s three daughters and shares a striking resemblance with her famous father. Fans saw evidence of their striking resemblance in new photos and a video Chance shared on Instagram.

On Sunday, Chance took to her Instagram Story to post some pictures from her Homecoming. The photos showed the 15-year-old looking incredibly beautiful and gorgeous while posing in a red mini gown and matching shoes.

Chance flaunted her lovely long legs as she posed for the photos and matched her outfit with red heels. She also rocked a long black hairstyle and smiled as she posed.

Chance shared a picture of her posing with her mom, Sarah Chapman, who wore a black sweatshirt, matching sweatpants, and white sandal flip-flops. She also wore patterned socks.

In the snap, mother and daughter embraced each other, with Chapman planting a kiss on Chance’s cheeks while she smiled. They stood on a wooden floor in front of a white building.

Chance also reposted a picture from her BFF, @makinzirae, posted. The snapshot showed Chance posing in front of a wall with her gorgeous outfit while holding a clutch bag close to her body. She also crossed her long legs as she stood and flaunted her long tresses.

After Chapman gave birth to Chance in 2006, rumors were rife that Diddy was her baby daddy.

Chance also shared a video on her Instagram page that showed how she transformed from her random self to looking incredibly gorgeous in her beautiful dress. She captioned the video:

“Homecoming 2021💃💗.”

Although Diddy has a close relationship with Chance, it took a while for him to accept her as his child as he was unsure about being her father.

After Chapman gave birth to Chance in 2006, rumors were rife that Diddy was her baby daddy. However, the musician denied those rumors.

In October 2007, Diddy finally owned up to being Chance’s father. In a chat with Daily News, he said he was not sure if she was his child, but after DNA tests revealed she was indeed his, he would take care of her for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, Diddy’s then-partner and deceased model Kim Porter gave birth to their twin daughters, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, five months after Chance’s birth.

The knowledge that Diddy had welcomed a child while she was pregnant with their twins was too much for Porter to bear, and she eventually called it quits with the rapper.

In a reported interview, Porter said one of the reasons she called off her and the rapper’s on-and-off relationship was because of his philandering.

Porter also said Diddy was not the first man to cheat or have a baby out of his relationship

She said Black women make sacrifices and stand by their men through thick and thin. However, when they feel like they are getting the short end of the stick, changes have to occur.

In her reaction to the news that Diddy had fathered a child with another woman, Porter said she did background research about the other woman when she heard about it.

However, she was not so into it because of her pregnancy as she did not want her energy to be concentrated on that. Hence, she had no time for any drama or trauma.

Porter also said Diddy was not the first man to cheat or have a baby out of his relationship. She explained that he was not the originator of such an occurrence but added that it was a different program for her at that point in her life.

Porter also regretted finding out about the news from elsewhere and not directly from Diddy. She said she would have preferred it if he had told her about it himself.

Chance is now very close with Diddy and Porter’s twins and shares an unbreakable bond with them.

He eventually approached her with the information after the birth of their twins. She told him she already knew and that she was glad he decided to be a man. However, Porter had lost her respect for him at that point.

Finally, Porter said her decision to leave Diddy was because their relationship was not working for her. She said she just was not feeling it and had to leave.

Chance’s mom, Chapman, also spoke about the situation and said she was content to be in the shadows and let Porter take the spotlight.

Chapman said she and Porter met Diddy at the same time and that Porter knew about her pregnancy. She further added that she and Diddy remained friends and had been so for a long time. Hence, she was never trying to take Porter’s place or overshadow her.

Despite the drama surrounding Chance’s birth and Porter and Diddy’s split, all the parties involved settled amicably. Even after their split, Diddy and Porter continued to be good friends, while Chance was fully integrated into her father’s family.

Chance is now very close with Diddy and Porter’s twins and shares an unbreakable bond with them. The trio made their modeling debut in October 2007 when they strutted their stuff during Swarovski’s spring 2014 childrenswear collection launch.

Despite sharing six children with three different women (Porter, Chapman, and Misa Hylton-Brim), Diddy is always available for all his kids, as he showed in 2013 Mother’s Day when he hopped between his baby mamas.

The wealthy musician ensures he provides for all his children’s needs and has done a great job taking care of them since Porter’s passing in 2018.

There is no doubt that Chance and her siblings will turn out to be as successful as their famous father, given how dedicated he is to see them excel.


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