Discovery+’s Newest Guilty Matchmaking Pleasure

Prisoner of Love is the latest guilty pleasure from discovery+. The series follows Chelsea Holmes who is a school teacher by day and a matchmaker by night. Yet she is not a typical matchmaker. Chelsea has a special skill that would be useful for the cast of Love After Lockup. She helps inmates find love. It’s time to learn more about Ms. Holmes and the series sweeping the streaming service.

Chelsea Is Her Own Prisoner Of Love

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How does one get into inmate matchmaking? For Chelsea, it came relatively naturally. She was writing to prisoners as a pen pal. Soon, she discovered there was a niche in this. People on the outside wanted to find love with those on the inside. This is proven true as she is seen conversing with her locked-up boyfriend, Manuel throughout the series premiere. Though she lives in Florida and he lives elsewhere, she has fallen hard for him.

He has been in prison for five years but will be getting out soon. The plan is for her to go get him once he is released. However, her mother does not care for this idea much. Neither does her best friend, Jonathan. He sees Chelsea as a serial dater and believes she will drop Manuel for another guy as fast as she met him.

As their relationship continues to develop, so does her business. Many incarcerated men and women are looking for love and she has plenty of candidates on the outside ready to match. Some as close as her own backyard. Enter Brey and Dexter.

Who Wants To Date A Prisoner?

There are shows where average people explain why they start writing inmates. It can be a taste for danger or loneliness. But why would someone consciously choose to be matched with someone in prison? Brey is a childhood friend of Chelsea’s son, Jacob. He is an introvert and struggles with meeting women. Chelsea introduced the idea of him becoming a pen pal with a prisoner to ease into dating.

His friends and father, Dexter are a little trepidatious. He brings his dad to go over the initial process at Chelsea’s. Once Dex sees it in motion, he understands this might be the best move for Brey. It leads him to decide he might want to try prison matchmaking since he has not had luck in love. Isa is also a client of Chelsea’s. She met her boyfriend, Devin doing a class project, and ultimately fell in love with him.

It has been four months. She ended up FaceTiming with Devin’s mother who gave her a warning. Though her son is a good kid, she knows he has a dark side. She does not want Isa to get played in any way by him. That takes a lot for a mother to share. These are just three examples of people looking for and finding love in the series.

More Drama To Come On Prisoner Of Love

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Even though Jonathan was sure Chelsea would ditch Manuel, it looks like he ghosted her instead. At the end of the premiere, Chelsea gets a call from her friend, Ashley. She set up a fake profile to attract Manuel and what happens next- that is yet to be seen. The season looks to be filled with so many twists and turns. Poor Brey chose a woman he thought he could gel with. Unfortunately, it looks like he bit off more than he can chew with that one.

Dex met a woman but she wants him to give her the high life so does she want love or a sugar daddy? A new woman is introduced and she is fixing to marry her newly released boyfriend. Will conflict with his family end that? Isa is seeing a dark side to Devin when he continually asks for money from her. Finally, Chelsea appears to be speaking to a new man. Is this love or just another Manuel?

The first three episodes are streaming while new ones drop every Monday. Do not miss Prisoner of Love streaming on discovery+ now.


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