Disney-mad dad takes cardboard cut-out of wife to theme park – while she works at home

Keith and Jenna Burkman are massive Disney fans and booked a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to have fun on the rides – but when Jenna had to pull out due to work, Keith found a fun way to take her with him

Disney-obsessed Keith thought of an inventive way to keep his wife by his side on a trip to Disney World

A Disney-mad dad who took a solo trip to Disney World snapped photos on all the rides with a cut-out of his wife’s face – while she had to work at home.

Keith Burkman had planned to spend three days at the theme park in Florida, USA last month, but Jenna had to stay home and look after the dogs the couple are breeding.

Not wanting to ruin her hubby’s fun, Jenna encouraged Keith to go on the trip alone. But he came up with a funny way to keep his wife with him “in spirit.”

Before leaving for the trip, Keith made a cardboard cut-out of Jenna’s face and took her on all the rides with him, so she didn’t miss out.

The tech worker from Dallas, Texas, even booked a ‘private romantic boat ride’ on the It’s a Small World ride for himself and the cut out, who he called Mrs Flat Wife.

Jenna and Keith are both mad about Disney


Kennedy News and Media)

Keith decided to make sure Jenna could join him “in spirit” at the park


Kennedy News and Media)

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And Jenna didn’t have to worry about her hub getting lonely, as his cardboard cut out drew lots of people towards him and he made plenty of new friends.

Dad-of-six Keith said his little stunt was well received by Jenna, who felt “loved and appreciated.”

He explained: “Jenna couldn’t come because we breed French Bulldog puppies and we have two litters right now. She was unable to come with me.

“But she knows that I have a bucket list item – I wanted to do the park all by myself. She was very gracious to offer me a pre-holiday Christmas present allowing me to stay a few extra days and do the park by myself.”

Knowing his wife is also a huge Disney fan, Keith came up with the idea of making the cut out of Jenna’s head.

“There was a fear that the cardboard cut-out could go flying out of my hand when I was on these rides. But I kept a tight grip on the stick and the wind didn’t carry her away.

“I took most of the pictures as the rides were starting up, but when they’d pick up speed, I’d have to put her down,” he said.

Keith posted some of the selfies on Facebook groups for Disney fans, who loved his fun idea.

“I got some great reactions. Some people who’d seen my pictures on Facebook found me in the park and got selfies with me,” he said.

“I even had a cast member recognise me. She pointed at me as I was getting off a ride and said ‘It’s you!’

“I just went along with it. She asked ‘Where is Mrs. Flat Wife?’ She thought it was the funniest thing. She then asked if I’d done It’s A Small World, and when I said I hadn’t, she took me along the back pass way to the ride.”

He bagged a private tour on the It’s a Small World ride


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He turned heads around the theme park as people wanted photos with him


Kennedy News and Media)

Keith added: “I just wanted to include my wife in some way. I liked making her feel special for making me feel special.

“People were very gracious and very friendly. It initiated a lot of conversations and immediately they had to ask me. My entire trip was spent talking to people.

“Me and Mrs. Flat Wife met a lot of new people, and had a great time.”

Disney-obsessed Keith had always wanted to take a solo trip around the park after years of accompanying his young kids on the rides.

Keith says he earned “brownie points” with his funny gesure


Kennedy News and Media)

He said: “The idea behind going alone was that I could decide what rides to go on. All but one of my kids are grown up now, so all of our previous trips to Disney parks have been with children.

“I always wanted to go on a trip with what I called ‘No kids, no wife, no complaining’.

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“I also collect Disney memorabilia, so a lot of the fun for me is to go there to take pictures of certain lamp-post signs. I loved spending time looking in areas that I wouldn’t usually, as children usually want to go on all the rides.”

He joked Jenna thinks he has a “small problem” because he’s so obsessed with Disney.

Jenna said: “I thought it was very sweet when he introduced me to the concept, and it made me feel like I was a part of the trip, even though I had to stay behind with the puppies.

“And it had me laughing when he was texting me photos of his antics.

“I wished I was there a ton – and not just my head. But I had the puppies and they had to take precedent.

“We’re scheduled to go again in January – it’s going to be a family trip. The whole family are Disney lovers.”

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