Disney World’s Iconic Foods Ranked From Worst to Best

I really like Disney World’s Mickey-shaped pretzels, but they can be hit or miss.

Disney World’s Mickey-shaped pretzels are freshly baked and delicious.

Amanda Krause/Insider

The first time I ordered a Mickey-shaped pretzel during my recent trip was at Hollywood Studios. It cost $7.25, and came with a small tub of yellow cheese sauce.

The pretzel was a bit burned and crunchy on the outside, perfectly soft inside, and covered in just the right amount of salt. I also thought it paired great with the sauce. A few days later, I bought another pretzel at Magic Kingdom and had the opposite experience. It was soft from the inside out and covered in a ton of salt, making the cheese unnecessary.

Still, I liked both versions of the pretzel, and have found myself craving them since returning home.

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