Disney World’s Transportation Ranked From Worst to Best

Disney transportation isn’t flawless, but I’d still highly recommend it.

I took this selfie while riding the monorail during my recent trip.

Amanda Krause/Insider

From best to worst, I’d rank Disney World transportation like this: the monorail, Disney’s boats, the theme park’s bus fleet, and the Skyliner.

The Skyliner moved so quickly and efficiently, in my experience, that I was able to park hop numerous times each day without worrying about losing much time. It was also nice to avoid traffic, sit in a car without other parkgoers, and board immediately rather than waiting for another bus to arrive.

That being said, Disney’s buses are still my favorite way to travel between the resorts and the theme parks — though that could change if the Skyliner is introduced at more resorts (it’s currently only offered at four).

Still, I’d recommend trying all four methods of transportation. The monorail was having technical issues the week I visited, but I’ve always enjoyed it in the past. And while you might not be able to ride a ferry to your hotel, those who can might want to take advantage of it to enjoy beautiful views, a cool breeze, and quiet time away from other passengers.

After all, there’s one thing that all four options have in common that makes the occasional delays and technical issues worth it: convenience.

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