‘Disrespectful’ Groom Wears Cargo Shorts and T-Shirt On His Wedding

Wedding bells ring as a deeply-in-love bride is all dressed up in a princess gown. However, something is out of place, possibly causing her deep anguish. 

A Redditor going by margnaheglish took to the platform to share a picture of a bride donning a gorgeous and classy wedding dress for her special day. Meanwhile, the groom had a more casual look.

With their faces blacked out, the snap showed the all-in-snow color newlywed and her husband holding a sword together, just about to cut their cake. The bride’s white dress was flawless, combined with a sparkling necklace and perfect hair.

Concurrently, the groom was sporting brown cargo shorts, along with an informal black t-shirt and sneakers. The caption on the post read:

“The groom’s idea of dressing for the occasion…”

The majority of Individuals in the comment section were also not impressed with the bridegroom’s choice of clothing. Many claimed it was a sign that the relationship would not see a happy ending and that his attire was a red flag.

Individual commenting on a post by margnaheglish. | Source: Reddit.com/margnaheglish

There were also many jokes surrounding the image. One individual relayed their husband’s humorous comment on the photograph, expressing:

“He [the husband] gets more upset than I do. ‘They’re damaging the brand,’ he rants. ‘They are making men look bad.'”

Many thought the use of the word “brand” was hilarious, while individuals also poked fun at the sword combined with his clothing, stating that she was most likely marrying a “nerd.”

Some wondered why the bride was marrying someone that they felt didn’t deserve her. A few Redditors thought it might be because she was pregnant, and they both felt obliged.

“The Reddit poster… [referred] to her as a “monster-in-law.”

Others claimed that she might not realize her worth. The viral post has so far reached just under 5000 likes and 600 comments.

Individual commenting on a post by margnaheglish. | Source: Reddit.com/margnaheglish

This man may have tainted his wedding, but sometimes the bride and groom can plan their ceremony perfectly, only for it to be ruined by someone else. On one occasion, a father-in-law’s girlfriend showed complete disrespect for a couple’s special day.

A Redditor u/Jessica826 shared a clip where one woman, purportedly the girlfriend, made her way past the groom as he walked down the aisle with all his groomsmen.

As she hurried past him, he appeared annoyed yet seemingly unsurprised. The best men and wedding attendees all laughed nervously, with the Reddit poster referring to her as a “monster-in-law.”

However, the Redditor said, she didn’t tarnish the whole ceremony, claiming that as a whole, it was a beautiful event. In any case, it appears that there is always that one individual who doesn’t understand the importance of a wedding day.


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