Disturbing New Details About Josh Duggar’s Case Emerge From Leaked Court Transcripts

New disturbing allegations against Josh Duggar are coming to light thanks to recently unsealed court documents. The oldest son of 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was charged back in April on multiple counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. If he is convicted, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison for each charge.

Horrific Details From Josh Duggar’s Case Emerge

According to recently unsealed court transcripts obtained by RadarOnline, prosecutors have laid out a damning array of evidence against former TLC reality star Josh Duggar. Josh was initially dropped from the program after it came to light that he’d molested multiple girls while he was a teen, including several of his own sisters.

Now Josh, 33, has been charged with several counts of receiving and possessing child pornography, including images of children younger than 12 years old. The disturbing case has only grown grimmer as more evidence against Duggar has been revealed in the prosecution’s testimony. The testimony comes from Duggar’s May bond hearing, which eventually determined that the father of seven was not a flight risk and could be released on bail rather than spending the time before his November court date in prison.

The Prosecution Builds A Case Against Josh Duggar

During the hearing, investigators explained the evidence they had against Josh, telling the court that the child pornography was found on his computer at the car lot where he worked. Among the images retrieved from the computer was reportedly of a toddler. One investigator confessed to the court that the images he’d seen on the computer were among some of the worst that he’d ever seen. The password Josh allegedly used to access the computer was the same he used on his Instagram account as well as his bank account.

The prosecutor used this evidence to further tie Josh to the computer as well as the illicit images on it. “That was the password that Josh Duggar had been using for years, and it goes to show that he is the person behind the partition, behind downloading the child pornography,” the prosecutor informed the court.

Another lawyer representing the government cited Josh Duggar’s past abusive behavior, saying, “We know he is capable of hands-on offenses because he has engaged in them in the past, and we know that the child pornography that Mr. Duggar was looking at involves the sexual abuse of toddlers and young children. He has a history, a history dating back 20 years, that shows his sexual attraction to children and the deviousness of his activity.”

In response, Josh Duggar’s legal team argued that several other individuals could have accessed the computer in question. Though the hearing ended with Josh being released into the custody of church friends of his parents, he has been ordered not to be allowed near any minor children. This includes his own children, though he would be allowed to see them if his wife, Anna, allowed it. The case is still ongoing and will be heading to trial on November 30 after being pushed back from its original July 6 date. Gossip Cop will provide updates about the case as they become available.

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