Diver finds man’s stolen possessions in river

A diver found property that had been stolen from a man a year and a half previously in a river.


Ed Bieber was looking for rubbish and other sunken items at the bottom of the Menominee River in Wisconsin when he discovered a metal box stuff with valuable jewellery and another filled with laminated newspaper obituaries.

Bieber revealed that a friend recognised the family from the obituaries and contacted local resident Gary Edwards, who confirmed that the items had been stolen from his home over a year ago.

Edwards told WGBA-TV: “I thought everything was gone and forgotten. And luckily, he got in contact with me as the good guy he is.”

Bieber was glad to help reunite someone with their lost property.

He said: “I could’ve brought it to the pawn shop and said ‘How much can you give me for this?’

“This is worth $400, $600. I could’ve done that and I think a lot of people would. But it feels good just to be able to give back to the community.”

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