DIY fanatic shares easy way to turn an extension cable into wall plug in seconds

IF we had the time, energy and funds to install plugs in every corner of our home, then we’d do it in a heartbeat.

But instead of just biting the bullet and booking an electrician, we currently have countless extension cables littering the floors so we can charge all our devices at a moment’s notice.


Sidney’s life hack video has racked up over 383k ‘likes’Credit: @sidneyraz/Tiktok

Sound familiar? Then you might want to take a leaf out of this savvy DIY fan’s book.

Earlier this month, TikTok user Sidney Raz shared his foolproof tip for securing extension cables to the wall – and it’s SO easy to do.

He explained: “Here’s something I wish I knew before I was in my thirties – how to hang things on he wall!”

Before delving into the tip, Sidney zoomed in on the paint he’d chipped in the process of developing this method.

“I can’t believe I’m about to show you this,” he added. “This is the result of trying it without this tip.”

After his initial DIY fail, Sidney decided to stick some tape to the back of the extension cable.

Next, he used a red pen to highlight where the holes in the back where.

He added: “Take that piece of tape and put it on the wall.”

Finally, he hammered some nails over the red dots he’d marked and then hooked the extension cable over it.

Finishing off the clip, Sidney said: “Pull off the tape and then hang it beautifully!”

Sidney marked where the holes where on the cable to hang it up


Sidney marked where the holes where on the cable to hang it upCredit: @sidneyraz/Tiktok
He claims his method allows him to 'hang things beautifully'


He claims his method allows him to ‘hang things beautifully’Credit: @sidneyraz/Tiktok

Needless to say, Sidney wasn’t the only person who wished he’d thought of this earlier and his clip has racked up over 383,000 “likes” in the past five days.

One viewer replied: “I’m so mad not knowing this.”

Another added: “You just changed my life.”

“This hurt my soul,” a third said. “I’ll be in the corner crying in shame.”

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