Do Bao and Johnny Break Up on ‘MAFS’? (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

During Johnny and Bao’s honeymoon, they got to know each other better. And while parts of their trip were fun and eye-opening in a good way, other aspects of their time shed light on things they don’t like about each other.

For Johnny, it was Bao’s habit of getting in bed after working out without showering first. For Bao, it was Johnny’s inability to see when he hurts her feelings.

Right now, they have problems that any marriage — or, really, any couple — faces at various times. But now that Johnny’s reaction is to step away, Bao is worried about what that means for their future. And, she says in the Married at First Sight clip, she doesn’t want to force him to stay.

“If he’s not willing to put in the effort and he’s willing to duck and run, I’m not gonna stop him,” Bao says.

Johnny thinks he’ll be able to think more clearly if he can do it alone for a couple of days. Again, this doesn’t sit well with Bao. But for now, it’s a hurdle they’ll have to jump over together. If not, then Bao and Johnny could break up before the season is even over.

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