Do Chris Brown and Kanye West Now Have Beef Over “Donda”? Details

It’s pretty excruciating whenever something you’ve worked ridiculously hard on ends up on the cutting room floor of a major production. Heck, I’m still salty that the editing team on Ghost Hunters left out an amazing interaction I had in Thibodeaux, La., but I realize that final cut is out of my hands.

So while I understand the frustration Chris Brown has since his verse on “New Again,” a track on “Donda,” was cut, I don’t think potentially beefing with Kanye West is the right way to go about it.

Are Chris Brown and Kanye West beefing over the “Donda” release?

“Donda” dropped on Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021, to the surprise of music fans, and what appears to be Kanye West himself. The rapper/producer/clothing mogul said on social media, “Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked ‘Jail 2’ from being on the album.”

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Source: Instagram

Then there’s singer/songwriter Chris Brown’s initially strange message on Instagram where he called Kanye West “A whole h-” following the “Donda” rollout.

Brown not only worked with West on the latest album’s “New Again” track, but previously put in studio time for “Waves” on “The Life of Pablo.”

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Shortly after the initial “h-e” post, Brown deleted the message and instead wrote, “Nah he tweakin.”

The Daily Mail reports that a Shade Room source indicated that Brown was upset that a verse he provided for “New Again” was ultimately cut from the album.

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It seems like both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have a problem with Kanye West in light of the “Donda” release.

While many thought that Soulja Boy’s rapping days were behind him, the musician claimed that a verse of his also excised from “Donda.”

Soulja Boy posted text exchanges between himself and Kanye on Twitter that seem to indicate his involvement in “Donda.”

However, some fans noticed a few discrepancies in Soulja’s screencaps and insinuated that they were somehow photoshopped.

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Others also pointed out that Soulja’s threat to never talk to Kanye on the phone ever again seemed empty, as the two hadn’t had any interactions since May 28, 2021. That is, according to Soulja’s screenshots, which suggest he was supposed to be featured on the Young Thug collab track “Remote Control.”

As for Kanye’s claims that Universal put out the album without West’s permission, the label calls the accusations “preposterous.”

Have you heard “Donda” yet? What are your impressions?

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